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The Vulnerability of Women in Morocco and Haiti

A Philadelphia City Councilperson, Blondell Reynolds-Brown, recently proposed legislation to review the Board makeup of various businesses that have contracts with the city.  Her goal is to increase the amount of women that are represented on these Boards and empower women in the process.  I agree with her goal because I believe that women have been underrepresented for years in corporate boardrooms and in pay equity.  If pay equity and Board representation are major obstacles for Women here in the U.S., we are miles ahead of some other countries.

I read with dismay this morning about women in Haiti who are vulnerable to rape and abuse.  The article mentioned a young lady who found her Mother's body after the recent earthquake and then she was raped repeatedly by a number of young men.  Because she could not afford the morning after pill, she bore the child of one of these attackers.  In Morocco, a rapist can avoid jail by marrying the woman that he attacked.  A 16 year old girl …

The Tornados in the Midwest and South

I am really sympathizing with the individuals and families that have lost family members and homes in the recent spate of tornadoes.  The National Weather Service has reported that this occurrence was the worst single day of tornadoes in recorded weather history.  Last year here were also a number of terrible tornadoes.  There was a town in Missouri that lost almost 25% of its homes.  I would guess that the town is still in a recovery mode.  I thought that there was a miracle that occurred when a child was found alive in a field.  The child has since succumbed to injuries incurred during the storm.  This if the first few times that I have heard of E4 tornadoes.  The sustained winds are over 150 MPH in some instances.  The Wizard of Oz this is not. 

My immediate question is what is causing these powerful storms? I have heard that global warming could be a cause.  In fact, here in Philadelphia, we have had a very mild winter.  In Baltimore, they had more 50 degree days in February than…