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Rising Gas Prices are Startling

I have always used regular gasoline.  Some people have to use premium and special because of superior cars.  You are probably feeling more pain than the average person right now.  There was a recent news report that indicated that gas prices could soon rise to over $4.00 a gallon.  That's painful news.  Barak Obama is pretty defensive about the rising furor over sustained high prices.  He indicates that we need to wean ourselves off of foreign oil.  Iran is not helping the situation with its decision to not ship oil to Britain and other countries.  What is the average consumer to do?  I know that I will become a smarter driver.  There will be no unnecessary stops for me.  School, work and home.  Other individuals on fixed incomes must be struggling also.  

I hope SEPTA doesn't take advantage and impose a fair hike at this vulnerable time for consumers.  I will still vote for President Obama as I am a Democrat.  I would like to see an innovative approach to helping the econom…

Whitney Houston's Life and Death: My Viewpoint

I was born in 1963.  I was approximately 20 days older than Whitney when she preceded me into the hereafter.  I followed Whitney's career with respect and admiration.  I admired her voice and beauty from afar.  I was so proud of her accomplishments as she soared into the stratosphere with her powerful voice and confident demeanor.  "Saving All My Love for You" was written for me in my mind.  I envied her mansion and her fairy book wedding for the grand glamour and A List attendees.  I was happy when she found what she thought was her soul mate in Bobby Brown. 

Many people speculated that Bobby's bad boy image would bring her down.  It surfaced during the marriage that Whitney was really not as pristine as she appeared.  In spite of her church upbringing, rumors of drug use began to surface soon after her marriage.  Approximately 10 years ago, she appeared with Diane Sawyer in an interview and wished for 10 more years to get her life together and find God.  She got …

Basketball Wives and the Upcoming Season

It was a slightly snowy day in Philly today.  Also, I am under the weather and my wife confined me to the house.  I had to find out what is happening on television.  Tiger is making a charge at the AT & T Pebble Beach Pro-Am but that is getting to be old hat right now.  Close but no cigar for Tiger is the norm since his marital meltdown in 2009.  Did I mention marriage?  It is one of my reasons fr blogging about this reality series.  I watched it on and off last season.  The trials and tribulations of Jennifer Williams a she was divorcing Erik Williams was one of the heartbreaks of the show.  Also, Tami Roman almost knocking out any woman who didn't agree with her was comical but sad.  The Executive Producer, Shaunie O'Neal, was married to a sure fire Hall of Famer in Shaq.  It is amazing that after having five children together that they couldn't find a way to salvage their marriage.  Shaq is now with a former reality show star from the Flavor of Love, Hoopz.  A seve…