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186th District Results and Expectations

Congratulations to Jordan Harris on his recent primary win to represent the 186th District in the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  He beat Damon Roberts and Timothy Hannah in a hard fought race.  It was a shame that only 17.6% of registered voters took the time to exercise their right to vote in our society.  I hope we do not become too jaded to realize that it is a true privilege to vote on election Day.  Mr. Harris enjoyed the support of State Senator Anthony Williams and City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson.  He also had excellent community support.  Whenever I visited his office, it was a buzz of activity.

 The proof will be in the pudding now.  Propose legislation and support it.  Promise jobs and deliver on that promise.  I wish the young man success as Point Breeze and Southwest Philadelphia need all of the resources that can be brought back from Harrisburg.  Gun legislation will not pass in a Republican legislature but anti-violence procedures will h…

Sylvia Morton Jones and The Scourge of Breast Cancer

I attended a Home going Service for Sylvia Morton Jones on Thursday, April 26th, 2012.  She died from complications of Breast Cancer.  I last saw her at the Home going Service of Louise M. Boggs, my Grandmother.  She looked fine and had her same beautiful smile.  The disease must have ravaged her body rather quickly.  Her husband, Neil, and two daughters, Courtney and Chelsea, paid beautiful  tributes to her at the service.  I did not know she was a Jazz singer.  Also, she joined Bethlehem Baptist Church on the Easter Sunday that preceded her death.  She wanted her Family to have a church home.  Awesome.  She was 59 years old.  Some would say she was still young.  I just wanted to say that she was a person that always had a smile and was pleasant to speak with.  I read that she was a fine cook.  I know she was an excellent Mother and Wife based on the reflections of her Family and Friends.  Rest in Peace Sylvia.

Archbishop Bevilacqua Enabled Child Abuse in the Catholic Church

It takes a long time to ascend to the heights of the title of Archbishop in the Catholic Church.  The title of Most Reverend with ten tassels on each side of a holy hat could seem to indicate that the individual would exhibit a sense of spiritual leadership.  This person is the leader of other Bishops and in Philadelphia this meant a high degree of responsibility.  How is it that Archbishop Bevilacqua failed so woefully when it came to addressing the issue of the abuse of children in the Catholic church?  It was recounted, after his untimely death, that the Archbishop ordered evidence of sexual abuse against 35 priests shredded.  He allegedly ordered other priests transferred without the mention of their previous transgressions at thir respective churches.  I mention untimely in regards to his death because once he was deemed competent enough to stand trial for the misdeeds which occurred under his leadership, he passed like the next day.  Seriously. 

I was raised Catholic and I att…

The Impact of the Voter ID Law

The primary election for the President and a host of other elected offices will take place on April 24th, 2012.  Many Democrats are protesting the requirement that all voters will need picture ID in the general election in November.  As a registered Democrat, my concern is not with the fact that all citizens should have some form of picture ID.  My concern is the declining participation rates of registered voters.  Stu Bykofsky, a Daily New reporter, indicated that more people will stand in a lottery line than will participate in an election.  In a country such as ours with human rights a one of our ideals, we take too much for granted.  We protested, rightfully so, the shooting of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.  The continued protests led to an arrest of the suspect in this tragedy.  This weekend in Philadelphia, an unarmed teenager was shot and killed at a bus stop.  There will probably be no protest for this young man.  One positive response to the picture ID requirement is the …

The Democratic Committee Dinner in Philadelphia

On April 3rd, 2012 I was fortunate enough to attend the Democratic Committee Diner.  It was held at the Sheetmetal Workers Hall.  This was my second year attending and the first in which I was not a candidate.  Last year I was campaigning for a City Commissioner position and was more involved in the meet and greet aspect of the event.  I met Wanda Logan and Michael Ellis who are running for State Representative positions their respective districts. 

I had a chance to speak with Donna Reed Miller who recently retired as a City Councilperson for the 8th District.  She and Anna Verna, former Cuncilpersonfor the 2nd District, were presented with Medals of honor by the Democratic Party for superior service.  Jordan Harris, Harold James, Damon Roberts and Timothy Hannah were there.  These gentlemen are running to represent the186th House District. 

Congressman Bob Brady, the Chairman of the Democratic Party, who is running unopposed as there also.  Th meeting was alled to order by Frank …