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Milo Yiannopoulos: Really!!

This young man just made news for suggesting that sexual relations between grown men and boys can be liberating for the boys.  He was referring to boys as young as thirteen.  Maybe he did not realize that one cannot legally consent to sex at this age.  He is from England.  Maybe he did not realize that this is called rape in the United States.  He cannot comprehend the agony caused by Catholic priests who couldn't keep their hands to themselves and abused thousands of young boys.  Also, he could have researched the story of Jerry Sandusky of Second Mile fame.  This man is serving a jail sentence now due to his affinity for taking boys home and having his way with them.  Sickening.

Milo was a former editor for Breitbart News.  This is a far right American news and commentary website.  It was originally founded as a website by Andrew Breitbart that was pro-Israel and pro-freedom.  I wonder what their opinions are now with the sudden surge of anti-Semitic attacks that are occurring …

I hope the 36th Ward can now exceed expectations!

We have had a tumultuous last few years in the 36th Ward of the Democratic Party in Philadelphia.  The need for an engaged ward is more crucial now that Republicans have taken over the Presidency, House and Senate on a national level.  The jobs of committee persons are to help get out the vote, circulate petitions and ensure fair and equitable elections.  In spite of one person's claim of massive voter fraud, we work to ensure that only registered voters participate in the system.

Anna Verna had been our ward leader for almost thirty years.  I actually put my hat into the ring to try to run for the ward leader position at the reorganization meeting in June 2014.  It was a rude awakening to the entrenched role that she played in many committee persons lives.  I never got a chance to call for a roll call vote as the anger in the room was more than palpable.  Charlie Bernard, of the City Democratic Committee, sat at the front and never introduced himself to the crowd.  Anna was reel…

Thomas O'Grady, AKA Soupy, Rest in Peace

I was cleaning up in front of my house on Valentine's Day when I received the terrible news.  Soupy had been found dead in his bed.  I grew up with Soupy and didn't start calling him Thomas until I found out his real name when I was trying to help him find a job.  He was able to obtain employment at the Wine & Spirit stores in Pennsylvania and he was doing well.  He suffered a back injury and had been on disability for the last few years.  He traveled back and forth to West Virginia and was talking about moving down south,

I last saw Thomas in July of 2016.  We were at Dennis' block party and he was going into a house across the street.  He did not stop to speak as he seemed to have something on his mind.  I used to see him on a regular basis when he lived with Jackie Mays.  He had transformed the third floor into a palace.  He had a kitchen, flat screen television, bathroom and couch.  He was living large.  One of my other great memories was when he fried fish and on…