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The NATO Structure should not be Dismantled!!

There is a candidate in the U.S. Presidential race that spews a ton of rhetoric.  I really don't think that this person is well schooled in the art of diplomacy.  I also do not think that he has studied history in a definitive nature.  Recently, a question was asked about the ongoing crisis in Iraq.  This person has continuously referred to radical Islamic terrorism as though all Muslims are just ready to blow someone up.  Islam is the largest religion in the world.  At this point, the atrocities committed by ISIS as it is being pressured in Mosul are horrendous.  They are summarily executing people and using people as human shields.  They are losing territory at a rapid rate.  The candidate I am referring two did not state that ISIS is currently losing this battle.  The casualties are horrendous and it will not happen overnight.  He stated that Iran will really benefit in this battle and
I knew I had to fact check another statement.

This person says that NATO should be disbanded…

Will the latest email discovery spoil the Election?

We are less than two weeks away from the Presidential election in the United States.  November 8th will be a pivotal day in the annals of American history.  On one hand we could have the election of the first woman to the office. This could be historic based on the fact that only white male landowners could vote when our constitution was ratified.  The 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, was ratified in 1920.  It will have been 96 years since women could vote that they could elevate one of their own.  We have seen the first African American President serve eight years.  President Obama also represents the growing number of biracial Americans in this country.  He has roots in Kenya also and, as many of us, has DNA that comes from a number of sources.

The Make America Great Again movement is puzzling.  It is led by a very rich man who seems to be mad about everything.  The New York Times published all of his angry tweets recently.  I guess a politician has to belittle t…

The Second Presidential Debate: Interesting!

We are less than a month away from the 2016 Presidential election.  The second debate between nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was held last night in Saint Louis.  It was a town hall style meeting with some questions posed by the audience and some coming from the moderators.  It was generally perceived by most observers that Hillary Clinton won the first debate.  I am a Democrat so I might be biased.  I concur with the overall assessment of the first debate.  Hillary was well prepared and stayed on topic.  I think she won last night also.

One of the hot topics that is ripping apart the Republican party was the hot mic conversation that Donald Trump had with Billy Bush in 2005 on his was to a cameo appearance on a soap opera.  He waxed eloquently, or not so eloquently, about his aggressive tactics towards women that he was interested in.  He popped a few tic tacs in advance of meeting one of the soap stars.  He said that he usually just starts kissing women because of his st…