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Kathleen Kane's Troubles: Not Sure if the Old Boy's Network can be Blamed!

The Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is facing undaunted challenges as she proceeds in her first term.  She is the first woman and the first Democrat to be elected to the top enforcement agency in the state.  One of her campaign promises was to find out why it took so long for Jerry Sandusky, the convicted child molester, to be investigated.  Her investigation took a long time and showed no improprieties on Governor Wolf's part.  Her term has been filled with highlight reel issues.  She recently was stripped of her law license by the State Supreme Court.  This was a major blow to her ability to lead the Attorney General's office.

I always love people who become the first at anything.  Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on the moon.  Violet Palmer was the first woman to become an NBA referee.  Sandra Day O'Connor was the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court.  It is a distinction that is well earned and preceded by a tremendous amount of har…

Donald Trump; Why Are You So Mad?

The presidential aspirations of Donald Trump are backed by many Republicans who want to see a return to greatness for America.  I am perplexed about where these supporters feel that we are now.  Donald Trump did not have the heart or the ability to run against Barak Obama in any one of his previous successful campaigns.  It was funny when he was lambasted by the President at the White House press corps luncheon.  You could see the steam coming out of the Trumpster's ears.

It was recently reported that Mr. Trump and Dr. Ben Carson might boycott the next Republican debate on October 28th.  This decision is based on the length of the debate.  Well there are still 15 candidates to be the Republican nominee and most should have at least a few minutes to state their case to run our country.  Mr. Trump dominated the time of possession during the first two but Carly Fiorina is hot on his trail.

The one thing that perplexes me is the expression on Mr. Trumps face in most of his pictures. …

Poverty is the #1 Issue Affecting Philadelphians

I recently attended a Mayoral debate at WHYY.  It featured the two candidates from the major parties in the city.  I did not realize that there were five candidates for Mayor until recently.  I appreciate the willingness of candidates to stand up for themselves and the issues on which they build a platform.  Most candidates will promise jobs above any other campaign pledge.  When asked about the opportunities to employ citizens Jim Kenney mentioned jobs on the waterfront as a redeeming factor for the 25% poverty rate affecting us.  Melissa Bailey mentioned the numerous call center jobs that are available.  Where these jobs are located only she knows.

There have been continued efforts made to deepen the ports of Philadelphia to accommodate larger ships.  We have ships that bring in a large number of containers but we cannot compete with Baltimore and New York for this business.  The one problem that I see with this idea is that the jobs at the waterfront are Longshoreman jobs.  The un…

Philadelphia Eagles Showed Some Toughness Yesterday

It has been a trying off season and regular season for the Philadelphia Eagles.  I was pissed when they traded Shady McCoy and Nick Foles. Jeremy Maclin was allowed to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs for a few dollars more.  Evan Mathis was unceremoniously cut by Chip Kelly in a fit of frenzy.  We stumbled into the blocks with a 1 - 3 record before playing the New Orleans Saints yesterday.  With a loss, my football Sundays were going to turn into chess and checkers Sundays.

My pain was eased somewhat by a 39 - 10 victory over the Saints. In spite of two red zone interceptions by Sam Bradford we received productive outputs from DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews.  Brent Celek scored a touchdown and we finished with over 400 yards of offense.  The Redskins lost in overtime.  The Cowboys got pounded by the Patriots.  Nick Foles threw four INT's and the Kansas City Chiefs lost.  The Giants beat the 49ers on a last second TD and stand firmly in 1st place.  It makes the week so much bet…