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The Rand Transportation Center as a Slice of Life!

I recently began working in Pennsauken, NJ on an infant mortality reduction contract.  I am a Quality Improvement Manager for a well known non-profit.  This organization addresses numerous issues that affect the health of unborn babies, postnatal babies and their mothers.  I have just begun to explore the causes of low birth weight babies.  I understand some of the causes of perinatal addictions and post partum depression.  The biggest challenge for us is to positively affect the struggles that these mothers face as they try to bring healthy babies into the world.

Camden, NJ is part of Camden County, NJ.  It suffers from high rates of smoking, domestic violence, teen pregnancy and infant mortality in comparison to the rest of the state.  The poverty rate is higher and the availability of jobs is lower.  Institutional racism still has lasting effects in this city.  I understand the challenges that the residents face.  I grew up  in a low income neighborhood that was affected by gang v…

The Grimm Finale threw me for a Loop!!

I don't know how many people on my Google connections watch Grimm.  It is sort of a science fiction series with a supernatural twist.  I have been watching it for about three seasons now.  This season and the build up to the finale were awesome.  The biggest issue for me was what was going to be the fate of Juliet.  She had become a Hexen beast when she helped Nick to get his Grimm powers back.  The power and hatred for all things good that she developed overtook her formerly sweet personality.

One of the things that impressed me this season was the emergence of Officer Wu as an ally for Nick and Hank.  He was actually placed in a mental home in a previous season because he couldn't believe some of the things he had seen.  There are some strange things going on in Portland, Oregon.  One story featured the spirit of an Indian warrior who had inhabited the body of the son of a murder victim.  The son witnessed his father being beat to death by some town thugs.  The spirit cause…

On Depicting the Prophet Muhammad: Stop It!!

There was an incident this weekend that was triggered by Pamela Geller and a contest designed to picture the Prophet Muhammad.  There was a tragedy in France earlier this year that highlighted the anger that is aroused when non-Muslims attempt to violate this unwritten doctrine.  It is stated that the Quran does not specifically forbid the depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.  In Denmark, Lars Vilks was targeted by Muslims for satirical posts of the Prophet.

Two gentlemen was murdered in Texas on Sunday as they attempted to carry out a bloodbath in response to a "Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest'.  Ms. Geller feels that it is within her right of free speech to conduct such a contest.  Maybe Ms. Geller sensed that trouble was brewing.  She supposedly paid for security to the tune of almost $50,000.00.  Was the contest worth that much?  I doubt it.  ISIS claimed responsibility for sending these men to their death.  They intended to cause major damage and deat…

Brain Cancer creates an Unbreakable Bond!

I participated in the Race for the Cure this morning in Washington, DC.  The race part was for about 500 runners that decided to support this fundraiser to find ways to slow or cure the onslaught of brain cancer.  This was my first time participating in the event.  My brother Gary lost his battle with brain cancer in January of 2014.  He was once a healthy, vibrant man who possessed a zeal for life.  His wife Lynne fought very hard to extend his battle against this insidious disease.  From what I observed this morning, the victims are random but the supporters are many.

I spoke to the son of a victim of this disease.  His team was called Chip's supporters.  Chip was born in 1963 and lost his battle in 2013.  His son indicated that he died soon after his 50th birthday.  I saw a team that had shirts entitled 'Cathy with a C'.  I saw walkers with Team Hero Michael.  I wonder about the pain that my namesake endured before succumbing to this foe.  Team Nitin was about 50 stron…