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The 17th District is in Disarray

We have witnessed a week in the 17th Police District that we hope will not be replicated any time soon.  Two quadruple shootings and multiple murders have combined to make our neighborhood look like a war zone.  How different could a real war zone be right now?  In one instance, a group of teenage girls barge into an occupied home to avenge an earlier fight.  The resulting melee left a two year old shot and in the hospital.  This young person will be scarred for life by these actions.  Another incident resulted ina six year old being shot and hospitalized.  Still other shootings left a 21 year old man dead and an 18 year old woman shot in the crossfire. 

When a young man and a woman were beat by Flash mobs in Center City, there was public outcry and a coordinated police response.  I wonder will Mayor Nutter prepare his sermon now to admonsish these youth for their deadly actions?  Not likely.  State Representative Kenyatta Johnson is organizing a press conference today to propose po…

The PA Coalition and the 1st National Policy Summit

On Saturday, September 10th, 2011, the Pennsylvania Coalition held its first National Policy Summit at the School District of Philadelphia Headquarters.  Its goal was to develop a "Policy Bank" to support its members organizations towards social change.  As our society is evolving into a more multi-cultural and increasingly minority entity, we must be prepared to lead in ways that are more of necessity than choice. 

Neighbors in Action was represented by Julius J. Bell and he was working on a policy paper for hunger awareness.  Bilal Qayyum was there and I'm quite sure that he was focused on the violence that is plaguing the African American community.  There is a folow up meeting the September 22nd.  We want to stay involved and be a part of change in the nations 6th most populous state.  I will report back in a future blog on updates in this regard.

Howard University versus Morehouse University

I was able to attend the renewal of the Howard vs. Morehouse Classic this past weekend at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC.  I met some of my Friends from when I entered Howard University in 1981.  I also attended with my wife Shawn whom I also met while at Howard.  It was a beautiful event.  We were able to set up two tents.  We connected with my daughter Alonna who is currently a freshman at Howard. 

One thing that I like about tailgate parties is the fact that I have been enjoying them so much that the game becomes secondary.  Howard won the game but the fact that I hung out with Howard Hamilton, Eddie Reese, Manotti Jenkins, Jay Durrah, Jennifer Long, Jeanne Hoover, Yvette Kinsey Payne, Georgianna Benson, Ada Babino and others made my weekend.  I wish the best of luck to all other future leades that I met.