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Stephen A. Smith: Really?

I am still feeling the glow from winning a hard fought game over the Washington Redskins on Sunday.  I know that the players that participated in the game are probably sore as all heck.  It was a very physical game with hard hits all around.  It was high scoring also.  The Eagles became the first team in NFL history to come back and win after experiencing ten point deficits in each of their three games.  We don't like having to do this but 3 - 0 is a pretty good feeling right now.

Another interesting aspect of the game on Sunday was the return of DeSean Jackson to the Linc.  DeSean was one of my favorite players for the six years that he was here.  I thought he was a little small coming out of California but what he lacked in size he made up for with speed and sure hands.  I would have been as insulted as he was when they signed the football playing Steve Smith to a contract before they secured him with a long term deal.  When DeSean finally received a nice contract that would ha…

Jameis Winston: What is the Matter with You?

I love to see superior athletes in almost any sport.  Bryce Harper was a phenomenon in baseball who has helped the Washington Nationals to clinch the NL East title.  Emmit Smith was a legend at the University of Florida and a Super Bowl Champion with the Dallas Cowboys.  John Wall lit up the nation in one year the University of Kentucky and led the Washington Wizards to the playoffs in the NBA this year.  Freddy Adu was drafted in his teen years to play pro soccer.  I am in a quandary as to how to place Jameis Winston among these gifted athletes.

I was happy that Florida State ended the run of SEC teams that have won national titles in college football.  If it wasn't Alabama winning the title then it was Auburn.  If it wasn't Florida then it was LSU.  The combination of speed and skill that the athletes in the SEC bring to the table are amazing.  I am partial to the Penn States and Ohio States of the world.  Jameis Winston was the young man who was going to end the reign of t…

Gay Bashing Attack in Center City Philadelphia: Astounding!

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday about a couple that were brutally attacked in Center City yesterday.  My first thought was that it was a group of young African Americans who were continuing a tradition of wilding out on people.  There were some horrific incidents on South Street, at the H & M store on Chestnut Street and in other locations.  I am African American so I don't think of it as racism.  In fact, the situation was so bad that the mayor got on his bully pulpit at a Baptist church and called out all parents for the apparent lawlessness.

I was shocked when the potential suspects were shown on surveillance cameras walking down 16th street after a supposed meal at another center city establishment.  They appeared to be well dressed, twenty-somethings who shouldn't have been angry enough to cause facial fractures and psychological injuries to a pair of committed individuals.  Credit social media for a quick response to the pictures of the alleged assailants.  One c…