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Miley Cyrus: What is Wrong With You?

I very rarely watch awards shows anymore.  As I approached middle age, the need to see who was wearing what and what was popular has become less important.  I remember Toni Braxton and Jennifer Lopez trying to outdo each other on who was going to be naked first.  In fact, Melody Thornton, of the Pussycat Dolls showed up at an event in 2012 with a see through dress on.  Everything that she was born with was on full display.  What Miley Cyrus did last night though begs the question of what exactly she is trying to prove.

Madonna was the first female performer to really push the envelope with regards to outright sexuality.  I guess the fact that she is still touring at over 50 years of age is motivation enough for Miley Cyrus.  The thing that shocks me is that Miley was such a wholesome character as Hannah Montana.  I would like to see an old episode just to see how trashy she has become.  At twenty years of age, she has already charted her next career path.

She came out of a teddy bear…

The Murder in Oklahoma Speaks Volumes About Race Relations

I read about the young Australian baseball player being murdered by three young teenagers and for whatever reason, I knew that they were African American.  These teenagers indicated that they were bored and picked this young man out randomly while he was jogging down the street.  Passersby were unable to revive this 23 year old from Australia.  I am shocked that there is no outrage expressed by African American leaders.  We just went through a period of introspection after the Trayvon Martin murder.  Outrage was expressed though a multitude of marches throughout the country.  There was random violence also.  Why is the no outrage about this act of cowardice?

I can understand the anxiety that any parent would have about sending their children to another country.  I couldn't imagine sending my children overseas in this current era of uncertainty. Christopher Lane must have had an abundance of talent to be noticed by college recruiters in this country.  His parents must have had som…