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Developers Harassed By Unions on Privately Funded Projects

There is a situation unfolding in Philadelphia right now that should be a cause of concern for any potential Developers.  The building trade unions are making a project being built with no public dollars, a nightmare.  It is the usual players because they maintain the status quo so well.  Pat Gillespie, who recently praised the Mayor for signing a project labor agreement that has yet to be implemented, has been on the scene for years.  In fact, one never hears of his position never being up for election.  He has been President of the Building Trades Council for years and will retire with the crown.  Fred Cozenza, who sits on an Economic Inclusion Committee at the University of Pennsylvania, shows his true colors on picket lines.  The real players, the guys picketing the job site at 12th & Wood Streets, are non-minority trades persons that probably do not live in the city.

The statistics published by the Developers based on their workforce participation to date are encouraging.  O…

A Journey to Montgomery, Alabama

I am sitting in a Quality Inn in Mobile, AL.  The fact that I am in Alabama at all reflects the journeys that one must take in life.  I am in my second week of training for Boyd Brothers Trucking.  My Trainer, David Ford, is from Ozark, AL.  I arrived on Sunday after a 27 hour bus ride from Philadelphia.  I got picked up in Dothan, AL and on my first road trip I landed here in Montgomery.  An article in the local newspaper recounted how this city was a point of entry for slaves entering into the United States.  I was leery of the reputation of the 40's, 50's and 60's for racism and lynchings.  In spite of my misgivings, I am enjoying myself.

It was a peaceful ride down here.  I stopped in Richmond, VA, Fayetteville, NC, Walterboro, SC, Savannah, GA, Jackonsville, FL and Tallahasse, FL.  It was a hectic time but I am focused on completing my training in 5 weeks.  My Trainer is a smooth brother who seems well suited for the job.  The check engine light came on in the tracto…