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Memorial Day and I am thinking of Veterans!!

Many people have longstanding traditions on the unofficial start of the summer season.  We used to have cookouts to start the season.  For a couple of years we would go to Maryland or to Virginia Beach.  We definitely look forward to getting together with friends and family.  On Saturday we threw a cookout and invited a few friends over.  Julius, Gram, Joe, Brett, Nut, Raeesah and her friend, Chuck Parks and Kevin Parks and Peaches all attended.  The next day we went to the Wallace's to party on day two.  It was a rainy day but Mike Wallace had the grill smoking and K Wall had the jerk wings jumping.

I spent the early part of yesterday watching an HBO special entitled 'Last Letter Home'.  It depicted family members talking about the last letters that they received from their loved ones that were serving in Iraq.  One Mother was so shocked that her son expressed his love and respect for her in such an eloquent manner.  She immediately thought that something was wrong.  Whe…

Sugary Drink Tax is On Life Support

I do not think that there has been a Mayor elected recently that had more of a good vibe feel that Mayor Kenney.  The primary got a little contentious when State Senator Anthony Williams indicated that he would get rid of Police Commissioner Ramsey immediately.  Candidate Kenney at the time thought that Commissioner Ramsey should be able to make his own decision.  One issue that now Mayor Kenney will have to account for is the continuation of the Stop and Frisk policy that he vowed to end.  A recent article in the Daily News reflects that this policy is having little to no effect on the number of shootings occurring in our city.

Mayor Kenney was also elected on a platform of repairing recreation centers and instituting Universal Pre-K.  The price tag for these programs are pretty formidable.  I don't know if he factored into these items the fact that contracts with DC 33 and DC 47 will have to be negotiated also.  There have been three councilpersons who have come out against the…

Gun Violence Epidemic Demands Action

Donald Trump has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association.  He then begins to bluster loudly about Hillary Clinton wanting to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens to bear arms.  He goes on to say that all of Hillary's Secret Service agents should now get rid of their guns.  He wants to get rid of Gun Free Zones around schools.  He is one of the worst talking heads that this country has seen in awhile.  I know that his security team is armed with all of the violence that has gone on at his events.

Almost 30,000 Americans are killed every year by gun violence.  Another 70,000 are injured by gun violence in a year.  I can imagine the hospital costs and physical trauma that individuals go through trying to recover from being shot.  Hillary Clinton wants to increase background check.  She also wants to make it harder to buy guns at gun shows.  She attended a luncheon with mothers who had lost their children to gun violence.  Trayvon Martin's mother was in attendan…

David West and LaMarcus Aldridge: Sorry!!

The San Antonio Spurs will head home from the playoffs with a number of questions to answer as their offseason begins.  What will Tim Duncan decide to do with his future.  He has played almost 20 seasons and an observer can tell that Father Time is starting to wear on this future Hall of Famer.  Manu Ginobili looks like he is running on half empty right now.  They are both in their late thirties and need to make post career decisions.

Tim Duncan said that he didn't want to have a retirement farewell tour like Kobe Bryant.  Kobe ended his career with a 60 point game in a win.  The Lakers played horribly all year and I guess they can now develop the younger players like Julius Randle and D'Angelo Russell.  In fact, Tim Duncan is so quiet and reserved that he would probably have a low key retirement ceremony in San Antonio.  I cannot remember what the team did for the Admiral, David Robinson.  Both of those players bought championships and respect to San Antonio. 

David West an…

Hello NCAA: The Paterno Restored Wins Must Go!!

It was recently revealed by an insurance company investigating the allegations of child abuse against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky that instances of child abuse were occurring in the 1970's in Happy Valley.  Almost immediately, new Penn State president blamed innuendo and social media for the resulting I told you so's from those of us that haven't raised Joe Paterno to the level of Saint Hood that many people want him elevated to.  Before skewering victims of the abuse, maybe President Barron could have researched the allegations and expressed some reverence for the victims.

Penn State has already settled with many of the victims to the tune of over $60 million to 26 victims of abuse.  It is not alleged abuse anymore because Jerry Sandusky was tried and convicted in a court of law.  His wife still believes in his innocence.  His own adopted son was one of the victims of his predilection for fondling and showering with young boys.  It was very har…

House Bill 2 is Discriminatory in Many Ways!!

There is a controversy brewing in North Carolina as I write this post.  The Department of Justice has given officials from the State of North Carolina until the end of today to respond to allegations of discrimination caused by House Bill 2.  This bill was passed in a twelve hour session of the North Carolina State house.  It is designed to have people use the bathroom of the gender that was stated on their birth certificate.  It was also designed to take away power of local municipalities to empower LGBT patrons to use the bathrooms of their choice.

At stake here is billions of dollars in federal funding.  I guess, in many ways, residents of the state of North Carolina who support this legislation, are feeling like the federal government are interfering in the way that they govern their state.  As evidenced by the government shutdown orchestrated by Senator Ted Cruz, many states rely on the federal government for funding and only cry foul when they lose this assistance.  Curt Schill…

Happy 50th Birthday Kia Boggs-Pinkney

This was a beautiful day in 1966.  Gas prices were low and the sun was shining.  I don't know that for sure, I am just making it up.  Helen Boggs was about to give birth to a beautiful baby girl.  The labor pains were intense.  Kia couldn't stand to stay in the womb anymore.  It was time for her to face the world.  Fifty years later and she is a beautiful woman, married and the mother of two growing young men.

She started her academic career at St. Thomas Aquinas.  The rest of the Boggs clan were St. Charles babies but Kia was special.  She then proceeded on to St. Maria Goretti.  I met her when she was twelve and adopted her soon after.  She was a fabulous dancer.  I remember when she danced at Mom Marge and Pop Neal's wedding.  It was a solo and she nailed it. She also danced at South Carolina State.  She continues to impart dance knowledge with a part-time job teaching. 

I love Kia for her spirit.  Her outlook exemplifies the mantra: If life gives you lemons, make lem…