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The Plight of the African American Male in Philadelphia

An  police officer was recently murdered in Philadelphia.  The perpetrators were young African American males who stalked the officer as he was trying to make it home after completing an overnight shift.  The police have executed a search warrant for one of the perpetrators involved in the crime. I wonder what his outlook must be right now.  He is nineteen years old and facing a long litany of charges.  Both of the men involved have previous involvement with the law.  The police officer was a Church Deacon in the very neighborhood in which he was slain.

There have been numerous instances recently which illustrate the plight that many of our African American males face.  On a subway train, someone noticed a man with a rifle protruding from his bag.  The person quickly alerted the authorities and a tragedy was averted.  A police officer just shot a person who tried to drive away from a traffic stop. Numerous incidents involving gunshots and police have disturbed the peace this year.  I…