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The Election and Integration!!

I am beginning my week realizing that Donald Trump will now be the President of the United States in January.  He is criticizing the New York Times on Twitter today for dishonest coverage and declining subscribers.  The New York Times is firing back indicating a rise in digital subscribers and readership.  Mr. Trump had indicated that he was going to restrain himself on social media only to try to intimidate a major media outlet.  I am trying to figure out what is the 'Trump phenomena' that he is referring to.  The media fairly covered his numerous gaffes during the campaign.  I wonder if he will sue the numerous women who came forward to accuse him of groping them without their consent.  His trial for consumer fraud is coming up on November 28th but his tream is calling for a postponement.  Is reporting about the trial unfair also?

I am a Majority Inspector in the 36th Ward of the Democratic Party in Philadelphia.  Donald Trump won the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by amassin…