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The Affordable Care Act Survives a Seven Year Onslaught

Senator Mitch McConnell has to be feeling pretty peeved today.  He had selected a small group of Senators to prepare a revision to the Affordable Care Act.  He did it secretly with 13 men, no women, and a veil of secrecy that he railed against when the Republicans were the minority party.  Here is a quote from Mitch McConnell when he was in Crying Game mode "Major legislation is now routinely drafted not in committee, but in the majority leader's conference room.  Bills should go through committee. He also stated that if Republicans were "fortunate enough to gain the majority, they would"

The Clifford Brown Jazz Festival was Awesome

Shawn and I just returned from the 29th Annual Clifford Brown Jazz Festival.  It was a quick two day vacation to Wilmington, DE.  I know Wilmington might not be the destination of choice for many, but it was been decent respite for us the last few years.  Donnell and Mona stayed also.  We hooked up with them for breakfast on Saturday and this morning.  We then had a couple of mimosas before heading back to the regular routine.  I bought Mom Bell some chicken for dinner and picked up a few prescriptions.  I am settling in for Power as I blog.

On Friday we caught the last few sets of the High and Mighty Jazz Band.  They were pretty good.  We then were treated to the first Harmonica playing headliner that I had ever witnessed.  Frederic Yonnet was a great performer.  He got into the music and had the audience swaying along.  He is originally from France and you could tell from his accent.  He communicated very well in English though.  The headliner of Friday night was Marcia Ambrosius. …

Helen V. Boggs: Rest In Peace

Helen V. Boggs transitioned to be with the Lord on May 22nd, 2017.  It was a Monday morning early.  Her two precious daughters, Kia and Leah, were by her side.  They had the closest bond ever.  Mom Helen had fought a good fight against a terrible illness.  Kia moved her in about a year ago.  She sacrificed time at work to provide the type of care that people pay thousands for.  She has joined Bubbie in heaven and they are probably praying for us now.

I first met Mom Helen when I was 15 years old.  I am now 53 years old.  I had known her almost 40 years.  I loved hanging around Bubbie's.  It was a house full of beautiful women who all had immense talent.  Bubbie was my idol in terms of community development.  She wasn't taking no for an answer when it came to how African Americans should be perceived in our community.  She blazed a path for her children.  I am so glad that she adopted me into the Family.

Mom Helen was an awesome cook.  Her mussels were to die for.  She also ap…