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The Upcoming election in the 186th District in Pennsylvania

The recent election of former State Representative Kenyatta Johnson to the City Council of Philadelphia has opened up the door for a number of potential candidates vying for his seat.  Damon Roberts is a real estate attorney who has run for City Council and portrays himself as a master negotiator.  Jordan Harris is a former mayoral appointee who feels that he has the tools and the connections to represent the 60,000 voters in the district.  Fawwaz 'Jazz' Beyah is a business owner and developer who claims that he employs more minorities than any other candidate. 

Ed Nesmith, who I am backing, is a business owner and Ward Leader who has a track record of political and community involvement.  Some people say that Timothy Hannah and Harold James might also enter the race.  The district has high poverty rates in the 36th and 27th wards and high rates of affluence in the 30th and 48th wards.  I like the fact that we are becoming divers and that young families are moving back into …

Louise M. Boggs, Matriarch, Christian and Activist

I was honored to attend a Homegoing Service today for Louise M. Boggs.  She was born on March 10, 1919.  She married at 16.  She was a retired Federal employee.  We adopted each other  as Grandmother and Grandson about 32 years ago.   I used to love going to her house becaue it was a house full of women.  I was truly the man when I was there :-). She was 92 years old when she passed away fom this earthly life last Tuesday. 

Her services at St. Charles Borromeo Church yoday was a testimony to the wonerful life that she lived.  Father John mentioned all of the wonderful things that she did for her church.  I read a City Council Citation today that was based on her community service.  She leaves 6 children, 13 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.  She lives on in my heart and I am a better person for the time I was able to spend in her presence.  Love you always Bubbie!

Tebow Mania and the Faith of the Pro Athlete

I am impressed with Tim Tebow and the success of the Denver Broncos.  His overtime touchdown pass to Demaryus Thomas is the longest play from scrimmage in NFL history.  It was also the quickest overtime in NFL history.  His tea beat the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers led by Ben Roethlisberger.  It looked like Big Ben was going to lead the Steelers in wat has been a customary comeback for his playoff savvy team.  A fumble by Willis McGahee set up the Broncos for what could have been a major fall.  It will be ironic when the Broncos travel to Foxboro, MA to face the Patriots this Saturday. 

The coach that drafted both Tebow and Thomas, Josh McDaniels, was fired before he could experience the current success of the team.  He is now an offensive coordinator for the Patriots.  Even John Elway questioned Tim Tebow's quarterback skills.  There was talk of benching Tebow and bringing in Brady Quinn if the offense sputtered during the playoff game.  Tim Tebow never responded to the …

The Violence in South Sudan

I was appalled by a recent article I read about the ethnic violence in South Sudan.  After years of violence suffered at the hands of the Janjaweed militias and the inherent racism exhibited by Arabs, I thought that the beginning years of this new country would be a cause for celebration.  In fact, the opposite has happened.  Long simmering ethnic tensions have grown into serious spasms of death and destruction.  Whole families have been wiped out by the violence.  Initially, there was concerns about oil wealth and natural resources.  The U.S., and other countries have invested heavily in  trying to establish a peaceable beginning to this country.  It is now African on African violence that threatens the stability of Sudan.  Here in the U.S., we have dealt with racism and its effects from European domination.  We also have issues here with Black on Black violence.  We went through Black power movements and Black self love is still needed.  The question of ethnic cleansing and tribal …