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Donna C. Coleman: Rest In Peace

I attended a Homegoing Service for Donna Cristina Coleman on Saturday, June 16th, 2012.  She was born into the Sutton Family on January 16th, 1968.  She was the youngest child in a family of five children that I affectionately refer to as my Brothers and Sisters.  Between the Sutton's, Wallace's, Taylor's, Bell's and Beattie's there were at least 35 children.  When we went to fireworks on the Parkway or cookouts in the park, we would have a tribe of children and parents.  I think Donna was the baby of us all.  She passed away too soon on June 11th, 2012.

We all attended St. Rita's Elementary School.  It is now closed as are many of the Catholic schools in South, Southwest and West Philly.  It provided a nurturing place for many of us who have become lifelong friends.  It is located on Carlisle and Ellsworth Street.  We used to play on the 'little street' until I was at least in 6th or 7th grade.  The memories of handball, buck buck, cootie and just han…

Michelle Obama represented the POTUS Exceptionally Well

I had the pleasure of volunteering for the PA for Obama campaign last Wednesday at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia.  It was a pep rally to generate enthusiasm among current and potential Obama supporters in the upcoming election.  Preliminary reports coming out of the City Commissioner's office in Philadelphia indicate that voter registration is only at 25% of 2008 levels when Barak Obama was facing the McCain/Palin ticket.  In the recent election which featured a Mayor, Congressman, Delegates to the DNC and other offices at stake, turnout was overwhelmingly low.

Michelle Obama recounted her early years in a small Chicago apartment.  She recalled her hard working father and his insistence on education.  I am impressed at where her educational journey has taken her.  Princeton, Harvard back to Chicago and now residing in the seat of power at the White House.  She is not resting on her laurels though.  She implored us to continue to register voters and seek out volunteers f…

The Philadelphia School District Budget Battles are Ominous

How does a city plug a $94 million budget deficit?  Institute a tax hike called the Actual Value Initiative and call it "capturing the value of real estate in disguise".  Our school district is in trouble.  We just paid Dr. Arlene Ackerman almost $1 million to walk away from a contract that was intended to raise the performance levels of our students.  She arrived with much fanfare.  She was on-boarded by Maven Resources and was applauded by the School Reform Commission.  It all ended so badly when she was terminated.

David Hornbeck, Constance Clayton and Dr. Leroy Nunery.  Whoever wears the crown, it really doesn't matter.  Our school district has been imploding for some time now.  I went to Catholic schools for my education.  I was accepted at Central H.S. but decided to attend St. Joseph's Prep.  It was an excellent decision on my part.  My daughter attended Central and now matriculates at Howard University.  It doesn't matter where you start...  Our public s…