The NBA Lockout is Really Not Over

The New Orleans Hornets are owned by the NBA at this point.  The NBA, on paper, traded Chris Paul to the Lakers last night for Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom.  There were some other players from the Houston Rockets involved that would have made it a three team deal.  Some owners, probably from small market teams, decried the fact that the Lakers would be able to acquire one of the best point guards in the league after a protracted strike that included talks about leveling the playing field among teams. 

I know Kobe Bryant, event though he is loyal to Derek Fisher, was salivating over the prospect of playing alongside a point guard that can create his own shot event though he has a pass first mentality. 
Kobe got a belated wish come true when the Lakers acquired Steve Nash in the 2012 off season.
They also got Dwight Howard in a trade.  The rich got richer.

One cannot blame the NBA owned Hornets for wanting to obtain something of value for CP3.  He was not planning on staying in New Orleans at the end of the season anyway.  Dwight Howard, even though he professes to love Orlando, will go where the money is at the end of the season also.  In my opinion, I would like to see championships precede all of these major paydays.  I would also like to understand what happened with the owners hard line stance on guaranteed contracts. 

Once these players get the massive contracts, the incentive to get better is no longer there.  Can someone say Rashard Lewis?  I do not see how any owner it his right mind would pay him $100 million.  He is a 6'10" power forward who is afraid of a layup.  It will be interesting to see upcoming trade moves and how the NBA reacts to the continuing prospects of the rich teams getting richer.  Will fans, besides NBA champion Mavericks fans, really be interested in how this plays out?  We'll see.

P.S. The Miami Heat won the strike shortened season championship.  LeBron James finally earned his ring.  He also earned an Olympic gold medal.

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