Tebow Mania and the Faith of the Pro Athlete

I am impressed with Tim Tebow and the success of the Denver Broncos.  His overtime touchdown pass to Demaryus Thomas is the longest play from scrimmage in NFL history.  It was also the quickest overtime in NFL history.  His tea beat the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers led by Ben Roethlisberger.  It looked like Big Ben was going to lead the Steelers in wat has been a customary comeback for his playoff savvy team.  A fumble by Willis McGahee set up the Broncos for what could have been a major fall.  It will be ironic when the Broncos travel to Foxboro, MA to face the Patriots this Saturday. 

The coach that drafted both Tebow and Thomas, Josh McDaniels, was fired before he could experience the current success of the team.  He is now an offensive coordinator for the Patriots.  Even John Elway questioned Tim Tebow's quarterback skills.  There was talk of benching Tebow and bringing in Brady Quinn if the offense sputtered during the playoff game.  Tim Tebow never responded to the critics.  He stayed consistent and threw for 316 yards in the win. 

His unwavering Christian faith has critics and supporters alike.  Can God possibly be on Tim Tebow's side?  I don't agree with God favoring any athlete or team over another.  Faith needs to be kept in the proper perspective here.  Football is a violent game and I pray for the retired players who have trouble getting up in the morning.  I know that I was impressed with Tebow's workout regimen leading up to the draft.  I am now impressed with the fact that he could lead his team over the Patriots and further into the playoffs.  This game will make for excellent prime time watching on Saturday night.   

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