A Journey to Montgomery, Alabama

I am sitting in a Quality Inn in Mobile, AL.  The fact that I am in Alabama at all reflects the journeys that one must take in life.  I am in my second week of training for Boyd Brothers Trucking.  My Trainer, David Ford, is from Ozark, AL.  I arrived on Sunday after a 27 hour bus ride from Philadelphia.  I got picked up in Dothan, AL and on my first road trip I landed here in Montgomery.  An article in the local newspaper recounted how this city was a point of entry for slaves entering into the United States.  I was leery of the reputation of the 40's, 50's and 60's for racism and lynchings.  In spite of my misgivings, I am enjoying myself.

It was a peaceful ride down here.  I stopped in Richmond, VA, Fayetteville, NC, Walterboro, SC, Savannah, GA, Jackonsville, FL and Tallahasse, FL.  It was a hectic time but I am focused on completing my training in 5 weeks.  My Trainer is a smooth brother who seems well suited for the job.  The check engine light came on in the tractor and we had to get service on the vehicle.  I am trying to find something interesting to watch and reading this and other blogs.

As a Trucker for the next few years, I will find time for introspection and reflection.  I went to the library for at least three hours a day during the last two weeks.  I have been exploring how religions like the Mormons, Sikhs and Islam started.  I have studied the characteristics of some Egyptian gods.  I have also reviewed positive thought books and contemplated on their meaning in my life.  I am striving to be better in every aspect of my life.  Seeing various parts of the country will help me appreciate the life that I have built.

I look forward to getting together with my HU Homeys in Gaithersburg, MD on July 21st.  We will be celebrating the Life of Anthony 'Shaheed' Daughety.  He passed away from heart disease 15 years ago.  He had traveled on behalf of Class Magazine and was doing well.  Those of us that are blessed to travel above the earth have to appreciate the journeys that we take.  Shaheed's son will be attending college this year.  He would have loved to follow his progress.  My daughter Alonna shared his birthday on July 3rd.  We will reminesce about out time with Shaheed and make plans for our future times together. 

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