Naqyil Booker: Rest in Peace

I couldn't make the Homegoing service for Master Naqyil Booker yesterday.  He was the Son of my former student, Yolanda Floyd Booker.  He was diagnosed with cancer six years ago.  He passed away from this earthly existence last week.  Shawn and I got a chance to visit with Yolanda on Tuesday evening.  Whe was in great spirit and was prepared for her sons transition.  He was 16 years old.  The cancer had debilitated his body to the point where his vision was failing and he could not walk.  His father had been caring for him up until the time of his demise.

I met Yolanda back in 1985.  I was a young guidance counselor at Mercy Vocational High School and she became one of my favorite students.  She attended my wedding after I had consulted with her about the engagement ring I selected.  She has been a great friend ever since.  She has been married 15 years and is a great role model for people who have experienced the pain of losing a child.  I would have been crying all over the place.  Her son was very handsome and faced his ordeal with great courage.  Rest in Peace young Naqyil Booker.  Godspeed in your attempts to heal and recover from your loss Yolanda and Ron.

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