We Do Not Need Another Rodney King Outcome

The trial of George Zimmerman is currently riveting the Florida community and many parts of the nation.  Many people of African American heritage are watching with interest as the victim was of our ilk and the perpetrator was part-Hispanic.  The Stand Your Ground law is also under discussion because George Zimmerman was initially allowed to remain free because he indicated that Trayvon Martin left him no choice but to shoot to kill.

George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed Trayvon Martin on February 26th, 2012 in Sanford, Florida.  Trayvon Martin was unarmed and on his way home from purchasing Skittles among other things.  He was pursued by George Zimmerman as a potential criminal.  George was purportedly tired of young punks getting away with crimes in his community.  In spite of the fact that the 911 representative that he spoke with asked him not to get out of his vehicle, Mr. Zimmerman got out and eventually put a bullet into the body of Trayvon.

I am the parent of two children.  I love them both very dearly.  I realize how dangerous this world is that we live in.  Gun violence has claimed the lives of thousands of Americans.  Minority males are targeted at an alarming rate also.  There was some good news recently in New York and Philadelphia though.  Homicides are down to historic lows.  I see this as a positive sign going forward.  In this instance though, Trayvon's parents, and the nation are watching intently to see the outcome of this trial.

It was announced that a jury composed of non-minority women will decide the outcome of this trial.  The reason that I am concerned about a Rodney King outcome is that the jury should have had some minority representation.  Maybe some of these women are parents and would envision their child in a situation like this against an armed vigilante.  I know that I feel particularly saddened because they are saying that Trayvon was suspended for smoking marijuana and might have been involved in some fights in school.  If that is the case, many of us would have been executed for such crimes.  Mr. Zimmerman simply could have stayed in his vehicle rather than getting out with a loaded gun and bad intentions.

I don't know how long the trial will last.  Witnesses are being called to the stand as we spend this joyous summer Sunday alive and breathing.  As was recounted in the New York Times yesterday, we will not hear Trayvon's side to the story because he rests in eternity due to the fact than an adult made a hasty decision to shoot and kill him.  Even if Trayvon had broken into a house, the criminal justice system would have created space for him in the penal system.  Currently, he life was cut short because these 'punks always get away'.  George Zimmerman received almost $100,000.00 in donations from people who believed he should be freed.  I totally disagree with the individuals who gave to this fund.  I will report back on the status of the trial!  

Note:  George Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges and there were no Rodney King results.  There are continuing marches and awareness of this travesty of justice will not soon go away.

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