Motorcycle Riders Attack Family in NY: Astoundng

It was supposed to be a family outing to celebrate the anniversary of the married couple.  Alexian Lien and his family were enjoying a beautiful day when they encountered a multitude of bikers that had taken over a highway in New York.  As on observer to this unfolding tragedy, I thought that the bikers must have had a permit because there was almost no other traffic on the highway but the bikers and Mr. Lien and his family.  We are finding out after the fact that the bikers had blocked entrances to the highway in order to enjoy unfettered access to the road.  I would assume that this action was illegal but the courts will have their say.
One can notice traffic on the other side of the highway as though it is a normal day.

An incident initiated by a biker precipitated the next chain of events.  Christopher Cruz pulled in front of Mr. Lien and his family, slowed down, and was bumped unintentionally by the vehicle.  Mr. Lien slowed down and was surrounded by a group of angry bikers.  They began to slash his tires and tried to pull him out of the car.  Obviously terrified, Mr. Lien pulled off and hit three bikers in the process.  The most seriously injured biker, Jay Mieses, did not have license to operate a motorcycle and hadn't had a license since 1998, according to published reports.  I am shocked by the fact that the bikers could have time to get off of their bikes and initiate their own brand of justice on someone who bumped one of their own.

After Mr. Lien pulled away, he was pursued for almost four miles by the bikers.  It was reported that Mr. Lien's wife called 911 almost three times.  It was also reported that at least one undercover police officer participated in the pursuit of Mr. Lien.  What in the name of New York Undercover is going on here?  In that series, the detectives foiled crimes or beat downs before they occurred.  In this real life drama, the officer apparently watched as the man was beat by at least six bikers.  The picture of Mr. Lien laying on the ground after being slashed on his face was heartbreaking.

Mr. Mieses' family made some comments to the effect of blaming Mr. Lien for driving a Range Rover.  He is the owner of an Internet marketing company and should not be blamed for his success.  Mr. Cruz' attorney blames Mr. Lien for not slowing down after his client pulled in front of Mr. Lien, turned around and slowed down.  Someone also mentioned Mr. Lien's luxury lifestyle as though he has not earned the right to drive whatever car he could afford.  These individuals are placing the blame everywhere but where it belongs: The Bikers.  There are images of the Hollywood Stuntz riders going the wrong way down streets, menacing other drivers and generally making NYC streets unsafe while they are on them.

Reggie Chance and Robert Sims have both been arrested for their roles in the attack on Mr. Lien.  I am the father of two children.  I would not have waited around for the bikers to dispense their own brand of justice on me and my family.  I am glad that most instances like this, in major cities, are caught on camera.  It was only a matter of time before these gentlemen would have been identified because they took their helmets off. The biker who filmed the melee posted it on YouTube.  It was designed to increase the credibility of these bikers in some twisted sort of way.  His camera went off when the beating of Mr. Lien began though.  I will edit this post as the situation unfolds.  Until then, I think these bikers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.    

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