Memorial Day is Different for the Victims of Gun Violence

I had a very peaceful Memorial Day Weekend.  On Friday, I met with a member of the 36th Ward who will be working with me to try to win the Leadership position.  I was actually off that day.  I took care of an important meeting and then went to get Fire Insurance on my primary residence,  After my meeting picked up Murray Spencer and made my way up to McMenamin''s for my Men's Club meeting.  Tony Mac, Dave T., David S., Caswell and I had a ball.  This would not have been possible if someone would have taken me out because of ill placed blame.

Seven people died at the University of California Santa Barbara this past week.  Elliott Rodger, the perpetrator of these heinous murders, left behind chilling You Tube videos and a hatred for blond women that belies belief.  He was invited to a premier of Hunger Games in 2012 but was secretly fuming that he didn't have a date.  Even though he was driving a BMW when he committed the murders, he hated the rich kids who lived a life of luxury and privilege.   He dreamed of winning the Power Ball and having sex with beautiful women.  Many of us want to win the Power Ball but how this urge equates to murder is mystifying.

Katherine Breann Cooper, 22, Chng Yuan Hong, 20, George Chen 20 and Veronika Weiss, 19 were among the young people who died at the hands of Elliott Rodger.  Some were viciously stabbed to death.  Some innocent victims were shot to death as he continued his hideous killing spree.  None of them deserved to be remembered in the past tense this holiday weekend.  As Families get together to celebrate the unofficial start of summer, the families of these victims will be planning funerals and wishing they could have their loved ones to hold one more time.

Myrtle Beach was also the scene of shooting and mayhem this past weekend.  I have a few friends who would travel down to this resort town for fun and frolic.  It is a great weekend for motorcycle enthusiasts.  The Bike Fest is a major event.  I know a guy by the name of Harold Best who was there this weekend.  My main Homey Howard Hamilton and his crew might have been there this weekend also.  It was reported that thousand of people jammed the sidewalks for the long weekend festivities.  The names of the victims of the Myrtle Beach shootings have not been published.  I know the families of these victims weren't prepared for them to join the list of departed for whom this weekend is slated.

In essence, this weekend is supposed to celebrate our military heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  I have friends from Howard who served in the military.  Most made it home safely.  I worry about the high rate of suicide among returning veterans.  I also constantly worry about the effects of gun violence in our society.  So many young people do not get to celebrate Holidays and live to be productive citizens in our society.  As I get ready to watch the Miami Heat battle the Indiana Pacers, I appreciate my family and blood that flows in their veins.  Foe the victims of gun violence in California, South Carolina and throughout the country, I feel your pain and hope for a decrease in the number of people who pull a trigger when another option is available.    

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