Chip Kelly Made some Bold Moves: My Jury is Still Out!!

It was a roller coaster ride for the Philadelphia Eagles this week.  It might have begun before this week with the trade of LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills for Kiko Alonso.  Naturally, Alonso is a Oregon Duck.  Chip seems to be fond of the Ducks in our system.  If Clay Matthews still has a job with us next year, I will know that the fix is in.  Also, we let Jeremy Maclin walk to the Kansas City Chiefs.  Chip's mantra is supposed to be culture versus scheme.  I thought that Maclin bought a high degree of class along with an incredible work ethic to our team.  I wish both of these former Eagles well as they proceed on with their careers.

One of the moves that had me befuddled this week was the trade of Nick Foles for Sam Bradford.  Sam Bradford has not been healthy enough to play a full season for the St. Louis Rams in almost four years.  His completion numbers are rather ordinary.  Plus, he is recovering from a torn ACL.  Mike Missanelli was talking to a sports analyst from St. Louis and he indicated that Sam was hurt on a very routine play.  His $50 million rookie contract was the impetus for the new collective bargaining agreement that the owners needed from the players to stay solvent as the league grows.  I liked Nick Foles for his height and his toughness.  He had a tough year last year with the interceptions but I would have preferred him over Sam Bradford.

Another head scratching move was the signing of Mark Sanchez to a two year extension.  We were on a natural NFL induced high last year when we went to Dallas and handled the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.  Dinner and dessert tasted so much better with the playoffs seemingly in sight.  Mark turned into the Sanchez of Jets lore when he proceeded to throw backbreaking interceptions on the way to three straight losses.  Our 10 - 6 record could not placate the numb feelings that we all had as we were ousted from the playoffs.  My mantra after sitting home for the playoffs was that as long as Dallas doesn't go anywhere, I will be alright.  They lost and life was pretty good.  I wasn't even mad that the Patriots won the Super Bowl.
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My dislike for the Cowboys is genuine.  They are a rival and will constantly talk about their rings and their legacy.  They haven;t won a ring in awhile but that doesn't mean that I want to see them do well.
That is why our signing of DeMarco Murray was such a shocker.  It was the lead story on the NFL Network and has some people calling Chip a genius.  We also signed Ryan Matthews to a contract.  On paper we have two downhill running backs who should present a problem for NFC East defenses.  Games are not won on paper and we must have a healthy QB to win anything.  I heard that some Cowboys fans were burning Murray jersey but we saw that before with King James in Cleveland.  Time heals all wounds.  I hope that DeMarco still has something left in the tank.  He put in major work last year.

My goal now is a solid draft.  We released Trent Coles and Todd Herremans.  There is talk of trading Evan Mathis.  I do like the fact that we should be moving aging players.  Thirty is a bad omen for anyone but QB's in the NFL.  I will hear from Rab and Shawn who they feel that we should draft.  Marcus Mariota who?  My other analyst, K-Wall, feels that we should be okay moving forward.  I feel a little better about the moves as the week comes to an end.  There are still a lot of free agents out there that might help our team.  I hope that we are patient and can sign players who fit our scheme.  The defense needs to get better and Byron Maxwell was a great signing.  Let's go Eagles!!

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