The Aaron Hernandez Verdict: Justified!

Many sports fans were waiting for the results of the jury decision in the Aaron Hernandez case.  I was mystified from the beginning that a young, extremely rich athlete would get himself involved in allegations of murder and mayhem.  When he was arrested at his mansion I was struck by the fabulous nature in which he was living.  It was subsequently revealed that he had a team of housekeepers.  He probably had landscapers also.  His highly effective security system was one of the aspects of his life that might have sealed his fate.

It is the dream of many individuals who grow up in tough surroundings to obtain the house in the suburbs with the fly car to match.  Those with academic talent can utilize this skill set to obtain scholarships and a career to help attain success.  The gifted individual is the one who can combine academic prowess with athletic skill to max out on the beauty of youth.  The wider path of this spectrum is occupied by athletes who display stellar skills to encounter problems trying to cope with wealth and fame.  I hear many stories about the dream of reaching the pro game.  For the infinitesimal few that reach this plateau, the risks are pretty widespread.

One pitfall is the fact that the millions will rapidly evaporate when the baby mamas and children proliferate.  Shawn Kemp and Travis Henry are clear examples of the need for birth control in lieu of millions.  Financial mismanagement can imperil other stellar athletes.  Antoine Walker earned and lost almost $110 million during his basketball career.  Allen Iverson is earning nowhere the money he once commanded at the prime of his career.  He is angling for a front office job with the 76ers now.  The real question that needs to be asked is can money buy happiness?  In some cases it truly cannot.

Aaron grew up in the once bustling industrial town of Bristol, CT.  His father and brother were also star athletes.  He was a three sport star who attracted the attention of the Florida Gators.  He left high school early to begin a meteoric rise in the realm of professional football.  A big challenge for him was acclimating to the loss of his father.  Dennis Hernandez died after a routine hernia surgery.  He might have been the influence that Aaron so sorely missed in his now fractured life story.  His career has been fraught with allegations of thuggery, drug use and gun violence.  He was convicted of first degree murder in the death of Odin Lloyd.  I know it will mean closure for the families of the other two individuals he is accused of gunning down, but his life is essentially over.

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As an observer of social phenomenon, I will forever question his motives for murder.  Even if Odin Lloyd did something to deserve death, why did Aaron participate in the act?  He picked Mr. Lloyd up at his house after calling two other friends from Connecticut.  Mr. Lloyd was the only one missing from the car after six bullets were pumped into his body.  Mr. Hernandez was seen with a gun minutes after this execution.  His two accomplices still have to face their own trial.  Not one of them agreed to testify against Aaron. 

One thing that many people observed is the swagger of Aaron Hernandez.  He was heavily tattooed and of stern demeanor during his court appearances.  He displayed no emotion during most of the pictures that were taken of him during his trial.  In an odd comparison, Suge Knight fainted in court after bail was set at $25 million for fatally running over a man in Los Angeles.  Aaron Hernandex, on the other hand, was stone faced and accepted the sentence like it was a walk in the park.  His homeys must really be proud of him.  I am left to wonder if his demeanor has now been affected when the realization of life on the outside has been taken away from him.  I feel that the sentence of life in prison was justified.  Hopefully it can deter some other young person from committing a terrible act like this.  

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