Camille Cosby and Her Unwaivering Faith in Bill: Really!!

Many of us are just dumbfounded by the continued allegations against Bill Cosby.  I grew up watching the Cosby show on Saturdays.  I knew then that Bill Cosby had grown up in Philadelphia and that some of the streetscapes depicted in the cartoons might have been based on his upbringing in North Philadelphia.  Many of the scenes portrayed in the series looked similar to the ones I was growing up in.  The characters didn't possess much in terms of the latest clothes or fashion and that was the case for me also.  His friends set out to have fun and enjoy life with what they had.  His success with this series, television and films made him a revered figure in American history.  The tragic story that is now being told is offset by his wife's belief that these women somehow wanted to become romantically involved with her husband albeit unknowingly.

I also listened to at least one album that my Family had with Bill Cosby on the cover.  It was called 'Why is There Air?'  It featured a smiling picture of Bill Cosby with a basketball in his hand.  It was so funny.  I did not know that it won the 1966 Comedy Award.  We could listen to him and not to Richard Pryor.  My mom would have washed all of our mouths out with soap of we listened to Rich.  Bill Cosby was the safe, wholesome alternative and he won people over without cursing or exhibiting raunchy behavior.  Who knew now that this wholesome image, carefully developed, hid a much darker side. 

The continued meltdown of the public persona that Bill Cosby crafted was further bolstered by his admission that he purchased drugs to give to women that he wanted to have sex with.  This testimony was unsealed due to a request by the Associated Press.  Recently, Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee, who received a settlement from Bill Cosby as a result of her civil trial, is willing to speak publicly about her ordeal with the famous entertainer.  Over thirty women have come forward with allegations of assault and unwanted touching or assault from the entertainer.  Ms. Constand is now suing the District Attorney at the time, Bruce Castor, for defamation.

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One of the most curious responses recently was from Camille Cosby herself.  It was so shocking to me that I had to re-read her comments at least twice.  Camille admitted that she knows that Bill is a serial philanderer.  She also states that "she doesn't believe that Bill provided drugs and had sex with women without their consent."  I am mortified by her comments.  This couple has written large checks to numerous educational institutions.  Their art collection is part of the Smithsonian Institution.  They are the parents of adult daughters.  Even if drugs were not involved, Camille is okay will Bill scouting out women to supposedly mentor and then have sex with them.  Wow.

I have been married for twenty-seven years.  I have not always been the best husband.  I am learning to become a better person everyday.  As a social observer, I am trying to understand Camille's response to the desperate pleas of the women who were demanding to be taken seriously when they accused Mr. Cosby of assaulting them.  He went so far as to state that many of them were discredited.  This statement by the former entertainer made them even more furious.  I say former because reruns for The Cosby Show have been taken off of syndication.  Also, his proposed wholesome family show has been permanently shelved for obvious reasons.

Finally, Mrs. Cosby has demanded that her PR team get out in front of this crisis.  She even claims that she created Bill Cosby.  I wonder if she created his comedic persona or the one that drugs women and had sex with their semiconscious bodies.  Some couples do not survive the pain of one or two acts of indiscretions.  Camille seems ready to weather the numerous storms that have been brewing for awhile.  Where was Camille when Bill had all of this time to plot devious behavior against a growing chorus of women?  I find her comments to be insulting to the numerous women that Bill took advantage of while he was at the height of power in Hollywood and beyond.

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