Brett Brown Recieving a Contract Extension: Enigmatic!!

The Philadelphia 76ers are now 1 - 25.  They have set a record for beginning two seasons in a row with at least nine straight losses.  We just got slammed by the Atlanta Hawks last night.  We are on pace to break the former worst record of 9 - 73 set by a previous version of the 76ers.  We have had leads in recent games late but cannot hold on to win.  Our only win was against Kobe Bryant's Lakers.  We will never be able to replicate that feeling of defeating Kobe in Philly because it is his last year.  Philly fans even warmed to this retiring legend after harboring grudges for many years.

I have a hard time with Coach Brown's accent.  It is a Boston type accent and it is particularly grating trying to explain all of these losses.  He said, 'we don't have leadership.'  How did we sign JaVale McGee and then pay him $11 million to sit down and relax this season.  We traded Michael Carter-Williams, a 6'6" point guard to the Milwaukee Bucks because he supposedly couldn't shoot.  We now have a roster of point guards who loft three point shots on a regular basis but never when it counts.  We signed supposed shooter Nick Stauskas from the Sacramento Kings.  He is not a consistent threat at all.  I like Robert Covington but he hasn't produced any wins.  Jahlil Okafor is a player but the losing has got to be wearing him down.

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I am particularly galled because I always knew the 76ers to be competitive.  We signed Julius Erving to help us achieve an NBA championship.  He didn't in his first few years.  The catch phrase became, 'We Owe You One.'  It might have become three or four IOU's before we signed Moses Malone.  Moses and his relentless rebounding and work ethic helped bring us a championship in 1983.  I would like to take a moment to remember Moses Malone, Darryl Dawkins and Caldwell Jones.  all of these former players have passed on from this earth.  It must be tough being taller and more susceptible to heart disease.

Some of my favorite 76ers from the past have included Andrew Toney, aka the Boston Strangler, Bobby Jones, Charles Barkley and Allen Iverson.  I could easily forget Shawn Bradley and Sharone Wright.  Hersey Hawkins was my man, a solid shooter, but Michael Jordan ripped his heart out every time.  I vaguely remember Billy Cunningham and I also appreciated what Doug Collins bought to the table.  This process of purposely losing that has been instituted by Sam Hinkie has turned off many long time 76er fans.  I can barely watch a game now because we are so terrible.

There have been some recent moves that seems to indicate that the league is tired of the terrible product that we have put on the floor.  The sixers have hired Jerry Colangelo to assist with basketball operations.  They have signed Mike d'Antoni, formerly of the Knicks and Suns, to assist with the coaching process.  It was also admitted that the owner, Josh Harris, is willing to sell the team to invest in an NFL franchise in London.  This move shows how much the owners care about the regular fans.  In the end result, if Brett Brown was a better coach, some of these close games could have been turned into wins.  Getting paid to lose games is the greatest enigma ever.  The 76ers need help and a winning spirit again. 

P.S. As of April 20th, 2016, we finished the season at 10 - 72.  Sam Hinkie resigned and Bryan Colangelo has taken over as the Chairman of Basketball operations.  I couldn't watch a single game this year.

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