Romney interviewing with Trump Administration is a Farce

Mitt Romney is a very affluent American citizen.  He was the Governor of Massachusetts.  He was a founder of Bain Capital and generated millions of dollars in salary for himself and his family.  He was unsuccessful in the 2008 and 2012 Presidential campaigns.  He withdrew in the Republican primary after it appeared that John McCain would carry his party's mantle in 2008.  He was so sure of  victory in 2012 that he forgot to prepare a concession speech in the unlikely event that President Obama repeated as the leader of our country.  He eventually conceded and has had a lot on angst about losing since then.

I am confused about two recent meetings that Mr. Romney has had with President elect Donald Trump concerning the Secretary of State position.  Mitt Romney made continuous incendiary comments about a potential Trump administration.  Here is a quote "Trumpism has been associated with racism, misogyney, bigotry, xenophobia, vulgarity and, most recently, threats and violence."  Many of these points were evident throughout the bruising presidential campaign.  Mr. Romney spearheaded the Never Trump movement and even supported the idea of supporting a third party candidate.

The statements and willingness to be so public about defeating Donald Trump lead me to question his motives for now seeking a job in the Trump administration.  I am a Democrat but I live here so I observe the machinations of the political process closely.  Even Kelly Ann Conway expressed publicly how much opposition current Trump supporters have against a potential Romney appointment.  Her public comments have caused some consternation among the Trump transition team.  One good thing about the Trump administration is that being close to seventy and extremely rich is a good thing.  There is hope for many of us in our fifties.

Mitt Romney does not need a job.  He did not draw a salary while he was Governor of Massachusetts.  I guess you could say he really cares about the American people.  He was actually a proponent of Affordable Health Care in his home state.  I know he has to take a public stance against Obamacare because that is the Republican line.  I just wonder at 69 years of age why he would want such a grueling position.  Mitt has been haunted about his 47% statement made to a group of wealthy donors during his 2012 campaign.  He essentially grouped many lower income people in a category that felt entitled to government support and would vote for then POTUS Obama no matter what.  It was a serious dent in his image and showed how wealthy individuals think about the rest of the country.

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If Mitt Romney is eventually selected as the Secretary of State, I wish him well.  Donald Trump is already roiling political observers by accepting phone calls from world leaders and following them up with unscripted statements on Twitter.  A recent conversation with the leader of Taiwan caused China to lodge a protest.  A phone call with the leader of Pakistan has shown his lack of political expertise.  The President of the Phillipines is supposedly on board with Trump due to statements made by Trump that support the brutal drug campaign waged by police there.  President Duterte swore publicly at President Obama because blood was running in the streets of the Phillipines and an appeal was made to look at another way to conduct the drug war.  As long a people say good things about President Trump, we will be in a happy place.  Not.

One of the other options for Secretary of State is Rudy Guiliani.  OMG no.  There has to be some younger Republicans with diplomatic experience.  Political bluster and apparent bravado can quickly shrink when real crises arrive.  We cannot just bomb the @#$% out of ISIS.  Google Mosul and understand how those people are suffering at the hands of this brutal group.  Political negotiations are fraught with risks and give and take.  Dealing with Russia as though they are this warm and cuddly friend to us will come back to haunt a Trump administration.  Americans await anxiously the choice of Secretary of State.  The statement, Politics make Strange Bedfellows, has never been more apparent.

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