President Barak Obama: Thank You

This is the last official day of the Presidency for Barak Obama.  It was punctuated in the news by former President George W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush both being rushed to the hospital this week.  The moving vans have loaded his and Michelle's belongings and transported them to their new residence in Washington, DC.  He has served a scandal free eight years and will leave with a very high popularity rating.  I am proud of him and the service that he provided for our country while he completed his eight years in office.

The orderly transition of power is a cornerstone of our Democracy.  I capitalize democracy in this context because many lives are saved due to our constitution and the observance of it at this time.  In the African country of The Gambia there was an orderly election in December.  The current President, Yahya Jammeh, lost his election to Adama Barrow.  President Jammeh, who came to power through a coup in 1994, is not ready to concede power.  The situation there is still unsettled as the winning candidate took his oath of office in Sierra Leone.  We have a number of issues in the U.S. but have not had a contested election since the hanging chads in Florida.  I hope that there is no bloodshed in the Gambia as they try to govern.

The Affordable Care Act is burning a hole in the pockets of the Republicans.  If more people referred to it as the ACA and not Obamacare, then it might not cause as much consternation.  President Obama perfected the art of the drone strike.  There are a number of terrorists who are just a memory now after their coordinates were made known to our forces.  Although Russia hacked DNC files and attempted to sway the recent election, our President expelled Russian diplomats and put Russia on notice about further forays into our political world.  He was a spellbinding speaker who made me proud to be an American.  I don't know where the phrase Make America Great Again came from but I enjoyed the recent ride.

The President's daughters grew up right before our eyes.  He earned his increasingly gray hair during his time in office.  I earned my gray at the same time, albeit with much less pressure.  He dealt with insults about his heritage throughout the world.  He commuted sentences of numerous drug offenders and signed almost 350 pardons today.  There are people who were serving life sentences for selling crack cocaine that might be able to live productive lives.  He didn't pardon Chaka Fattah and I am happy about that.  Chelsea Manning and Willie McCovey benefitted from the stroke of his pen and they will sleep better.  He hosted numerous championship teams including the Chicago Cubs this week.  That has to be a great part of the job.

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He cried at the Sandy Hook massacre.  He also cried at numerous other mass shootings that included the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.  In spite of this bloodshed, the Republican majority will not toughen gun laws and will balk at tougher background checks.  You cannot fault him for trying very hard to reduce the number of automatic weapons on the street.  Chicago's murder rate spiked terribly last year.  I wonder if that is why he did not move back to his adopted hometown.  We had excellent job growth during his time in office.  We also enjoyed excellent relationships with our NATO allies.  The President elect has questioned the relevancy of NATO but a major crisis will cause him to reevaluate this stance.

I wish the President good health and tremendous speaking fees as he moves forward.  I hope Michelle Obama opens her own advocacy company and commands speaking fees also.  Live, love and enjoy life former POTUS.  You have commanded respect in spite of what the Republicans think.  The Trump movement will not erase your legacy as the leader of the free world.  God Bless you and your Family and Godspeed into the private life of an American citizen,

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