Helen V. Boggs: Rest In Peace

Helen V. Boggs transitioned to be with the Lord on May 22nd, 2017.  It was a Monday morning early.  Her two precious daughters, Kia and Leah, were by her side.  They had the closest bond ever.  Mom Helen had fought a good fight against a terrible illness.  Kia moved her in about a year ago.  She sacrificed time at work to provide the type of care that people pay thousands for.  She has joined Bubbie in heaven and they are probably praying for us now.

I first met Mom Helen when I was 15 years old.  I am now 53 years old.  I had known her almost 40 years.  I loved hanging around Bubbie's.  It was a house full of beautiful women who all had immense talent.  Bubbie was my idol in terms of community development.  She wasn't taking no for an answer when it came to how African Americans should be perceived in our community.  She blazed a path for her children.  I am so glad that she adopted me into the Family.

Mom Helen was an awesome cook.  Her mussels were to die for.  She also appreciated music and books.  One of the many favorite memories I have of her was when she organized a pinochle tournament at Saint Charles to benefit the Auxiliary of Saint Peter Claver.  I helped carry food for the event.  She had crudites, catfish bites, eggplant fries and other assorted goods.  I think her company was called KiLeah.  You can infer who it was named after.  Her willingness to try new dishes and recipes kept her in demand.

We became closer after Bubbie passed away.  I used to help in her yard.  Or we would schedule a coffee date and chit chat.  If I was on my way to her house I would get a call to bring a hazelnut coffee on my way.  When she got sick, I was sad.  I knew it was going to be a tough fight.  I visited as often as I could.  I took MiMi with me a couple of times.  Her 75th birthday was the end all to be all.  It was an all hands on deck party.  Every holiday after that day in September was celebrated at Kia's house.  Everyone knew the serious situation that Mom Helen was facing.

I prefer to focus on the good times as the month anniversary of her passing occurred.  The advice that she would offer on political and community development issues was real.  The taste for the finer things in life like her Remy Martin.  Her love for Kia and Leah was palpable.  I loved going to her house when she was preparing for an event.  The smell of food being prepared with coffee on stays with me now.  I Love you Mom Helen ans I Cherish the memories that I have for you.

P.S. Mom Helen is on the left in this picture.  Her younger sister Marjorie is on the right.  We were at a community event.

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