Joe Paterno Should Step Down

I was fortunate enough to attend Penn State's 400th victory under Joe Paterno over Northwestern in Happy Valley.  I had never been to a football stadium which seated over 100,000 people.  The atmosphere was electrifying.  We tailgated and also had a chance to visit the athletes quarters after the game.  The drive in an out of town was slow but I enjoyed the day immensely.  Charlie Mook, Eddie Hamilton, Tony Darden and Charlie's son had a ball. 

Joe Pa recently was hospitalized becasue he was inadvertantly run into by a wide receiver.  In his younger days, he would have brushed this collision off and stayed on the field.  He broke is leg a couple of years ago in a collision on the field.  Joe Pa is 84 years old.  He just had a momentous occasion with his 400th victory.  Take a breath, smell the roses and retire Joe. 

You have plenty of seasoned assistants who can run the program and possible recruit more effectively.  Who knows how long you will be around.  I cringed when I heard you might want to stay four or five more years.  Somewhere, Bobby Bowden is having a hissy fit. 

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