The Riots in London

I have been following the news of the riots in London with some interest.  They were apparently sparked when a 29 year old person of color was killed by police officers.  The person apparently had some gang ties and was far from an exemplary citizen.  But it seemed to be an assassination by the police and that was enough to create major damage and destruction that is still going on.  There are numberous hot spots and the police seemed to be overwhelmed. 

I have viewed pictures on the Washington Post website and I notice the racial diversity in London.  Why is it that the people of African/Carribean descent still feel that they are not truly part of society?  When these riots end, what will be the course that London travels?  Will there be more people locked up?  Will the austerity measures that have been imposed to plug budget gaps be eased?  There seems to be class issues at work here also as alll of the looters were not persons of color.  Good Luck rebuilding and Godspeed to persons that have lost their source of livelihoods.

I hope the Olympics will help the citizens to reap some economic benefit.  We will see.

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