Howard University versus Morehouse University

I was able to attend the renewal of the Howard vs. Morehouse Classic this past weekend at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC.  I met some of my Friends from when I entered Howard University in 1981.  I also attended with my wife Shawn whom I also met while at Howard.  It was a beautiful event.  We were able to set up two tents.  We connected with my daughter Alonna who is currently a freshman at Howard. 

One thing that I like about tailgate parties is the fact that I have been enjoying them so much that the game becomes secondary.  Howard won the game but the fact that I hung out with Howard Hamilton, Eddie Reese, Manotti Jenkins, Jay Durrah, Jennifer Long, Jeanne Hoover, Yvette Kinsey Payne, Georgianna Benson, Ada Babino and others made my weekend.  I wish the best of luck to all other future leades that I met.

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