The 17th District is in Disarray

We have witnessed a week in the 17th Police District that we hope will not be replicated any time soon.  Two quadruple shootings and multiple murders have combined to make our neighborhood look like a war zone.  How different could a real war zone be right now?  In one instance, a group of teenage girls barge into an occupied home to avenge an earlier fight.  The resulting melee left a two year old shot and in the hospital.  This young person will be scarred for life by these actions.  Another incident resulted ina six year old being shot and hospitalized.  Still other shootings left a 21 year old man dead and an 18 year old woman shot in the crossfire. 

When a young man and a woman were beat by Flash mobs in Center City, there was public outcry and a coordinated police response.  I wonder will Mayor Nutter prepare his sermon now to admonsish these youth for their deadly actions?  Not likely.  State Representative Kenyatta Johnson is organizing a press conference today to propose potential solutions to this violence.  Jobs and positive activities should be included in his agenda.  We hope that the violence will abate and people can lead safe lives in our area.

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