Career Transitions in Today's Economy

Today's economy has a number of professionals making career decisions.  A couple of years ago in Philadelphia, some venerable law firms bit the dust.  Not enough people were suing each other.  More cases were being settled with mediators.  Many law firms rolled back hiring plans and closed altogether.  Year ago, the technology bubble burst in Silicon Valley.  Many IT professionals were thrown for a loop.  Merck recently announced that it was laying off a high percentage of its workforce.  Science professionals were thrown for a loop.  Many teachers throughout the Tri-State (DE, PA and NJ) area are now looking for jobs.  The PFT settled on a contract which feature its members paying more for benefits.  Jobs needed to be saved.  Those of us with degrees have to be flexible in today's economy.  Retraining is an option.  Even those of us that are entrpeneurs have to supplement our income.  I will try to enter into a new field in the upcoming months.  I would like to hear how other professionals are faring.  Benefits and paid time off should not just be a dream!

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