Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Finale: Why Maybelle?

The finale of Boardwalk Empire addressed a couple of story lines last night.  I wanted to see Dr. Narcisse meet his maker but it didn't happen.  He was holding Chalky's daughter Maybelle hostage after a chance meeting at the Club Onyx and she unfortunately did not make it out of the club alive.  Chalky's bargaining chip was that he knew where Daughter was hiding and Narcisse had to have her back.  This was a twisted relationship because he had killed her mother during an encounter for hire in the story line.

Last night's episode was also the end for Richard Harrow.  He was a killer extraordinaire.  The scene where he rescued little Jimmy from the brothel will go down in cinematic lore for me.  He needed closure regarding the whereabouts of Jimmy Darmody's body.  The episode began with him testifying to the fact that the person Gillian claimed to be Jimmy was actually the soldier that she drugged and killed.  Harrow went to Nucky and volunteered to do whatever it was to find out Jimmy's fate.  This task involved killing Dr. Narcisse.  Unfortunately, Richard had lost his killer's edge this season and he hesitated on what appeared to be a clean kill shot in the club.  The beautiful Maybelle suffered a bullet to the head as a result.  Dang!!!

Maybelle was supposed to be married during this season.  She had met a nice guy.  She seemed to like bad boys a little better but she was going to be married.  Chalky's dalliance with Daughter set off a number of events that derailed her plans for marital bliss.  First, he began to have a steamy affair with Daughter.  Dr. Narcisse exploited his weakness for her and set Chalky up to be killed by his own man Purnsley.  If it wasn't for Daughter, Chalky would have been strangled a couple of episodes ago.  The knife in Purnsley' back bought a beat down to Daughter and supposed faithfulness from Chalky.  It seems like Daughter told Narcsisse where Chalky was because some assassins showed up and killed Chalky's uncle, aka Lou Gossett, in his only appearance in the series.  Daughter had presciently disappeared before the bullets flew.

Eli almost got one through the eyes in this episode.  If it wasn't for his son showing up on a hunch, he would have likely succumbed at the hands of Nucky.  I want to say that I can't blame Eli for trying to save his some from going to jail.  Agent Knox was putting serious pressure on him to deliver Nucky for the crime of interstate liquor transportation and getting a murder case pinned on an innocent Temple student.  After Eli tried to double cross him in season two, when the Commodore wanted him dead, he should have gone to Nucky and gave him a warning.  A call from Remus about a skunk in his basement started the wheels turning for Nucky.  Also, his wife mentioned a baby face insurance agent showing up at the house and Nucky started to figure things out.  The meeting of gangsters never occurred and Agent Knox died in a gruesome manner at the hands of Eli in the family home.

The Chicago story line heated up also.  Torrio took a number of bullets that could have been set up by Al Capone.  In the hospital, Torrio seems to retire from the rackets game.  Al Capone appeared to shed a fake tear as Torrio promised to ride off in the sunset.  I think he set up the near execution of Al Capone. Payback is a bitch as they say.  In a poignant scene, the former agent Van Alden is picking up Eli for a new life in Chicago.  Two disgraced Jersey guys having to reinvent themselves for various reasons.  William is now the head of Eli's family and Season Five will be interesting to see how he handles his new role.

I didn't remember the part where Margaret is now moving into one of Rothstein's apartments.  She is a survivor.  After her secret lover was delivered in a box by Masseria, she was an afterthought this season.  I wonder if Nucky will really stay out of the game.  I like his apparent new chick.  She runs a bar and can throw a mean punch.  Cuba might not hold his interest for long.  He is a shrewd survivor in the series.  As the season ended, Gillian got her comeuppance for all of her dirty deeds.  I don't feel sorry for her.  Little Jimmy will miss Harrow who died on the beach.  Dr. Narcisse is forced to spy on Marcus Garvey.  I look forward to next season as I now settle in to the home stretch of NFL football.  Mark Walhberg is a helluva Director.

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