Michelle Obama represented the POTUS Exceptionally Well

I had the pleasure of volunteering for the PA for Obama campaign last Wednesday at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia.  It was a pep rally to generate enthusiasm among current and potential Obama supporters in the upcoming election.  Preliminary reports coming out of the City Commissioner's office in Philadelphia indicate that voter registration is only at 25% of 2008 levels when Barak Obama was facing the McCain/Palin ticket.  In the recent election which featured a Mayor, Congressman, Delegates to the DNC and other offices at stake, turnout was overwhelmingly low.

Michelle Obama recounted her early years in a small Chicago apartment.  She recalled her hard working father and his insistence on education.  I am impressed at where her educational journey has taken her.  Princeton, Harvard back to Chicago and now residing in the seat of power at the White House.  She is not resting on her laurels though.  She implored us to continue to register voters and seek out volunteers for the campaign.  She feels that it will be a tough race upcoming that will be too close to sit at home.  I agree with Mrs. Obama about these concerns.  I will continue to canvass in South Philly as I take reaching one voter at a time seriously.

I wonder where the Tea Party stands on this upcoming election.  They were such a presence up until about two years ago.  They had influenced some elections and seemed to be engendering national support.  I have barely heard a peep about the Tea Party.  Thank goodness people have seen Sarah Palin for what she is also.  We are not 'Main Street' anymore.  America has changed and the demographics would seem to indicate that whomever wins the Hispanic vote can win the election.

The upcoming months will be important.  I witnessed a plethora of young people working for the Obama campaign.  Young people help to win elections.  Senior citizens that I met while canvassing are solidly in Obama's corner.  We need to register college students and work on those undecided voters for whom the economy has been a disappointment.  Recent job numbers indicate that the president is going to have to work harder selling the economic recovery.  I am committed to President Obama's reelection and I hope he can sustain and increase his current base!  

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