The Philadelphia School District Budget Battles are Ominous

How does a city plug a $94 million budget deficit?  Institute a tax hike called the Actual Value Initiative and call it "capturing the value of real estate in disguise".  Our school district is in trouble.  We just paid Dr. Arlene Ackerman almost $1 million to walk away from a contract that was intended to raise the performance levels of our students.  She arrived with much fanfare.  She was on-boarded by Maven Resources and was applauded by the School Reform Commission.  It all ended so badly when she was terminated.

David Hornbeck, Constance Clayton and Dr. Leroy Nunery.  Whoever wears the crown, it really doesn't matter.  Our school district has been imploding for some time now.  I went to Catholic schools for my education.  I was accepted at Central H.S. but decided to attend St. Joseph's Prep.  It was an excellent decision on my part.  My daughter attended Central and now matriculates at Howard University.  It doesn't matter where you start...  Our public schools are crucial to the effective fnctioning of our society and tough budget decisons have to be made.

We are in a budget quandary.  The school district cannot pay its bills.  Tax, tax and more tax is the response of the current city government.  Councilman Jones, of the 4th District, put forth some sort of analogy about planes taking off from a runway.  Is that the best he can come up with?  The fact that more parents are opting for Charter Schools and home schooling are a real indication that changes have to be made.  Senator Williams is questioning the fact that all legislators are not of one accord when it comes to supporting the AVI which is supposed to raise $94  million for the School District.  Can there be some sort of debate?  According to Senator Williams and Mayor Nutter, there should not be.  It is great when one has a job with benefits and pension to tell a Family to suck it up and pay more taxes.

The soda tax didn't work for the Mayor when it comes to obtaining more funds for out cash strapped city.  The fact that contracts haven't been negotiated with DC 33 and 47 indicates that there is no real deire to save money on out of control pension and benefit costs.  The best solution: tax the heck out of the citizens.  I am not anti-tax.  I am not a Tea Party advocate.  I would like to see all other options explored before it comes to pillaging the public.  The truth about the budget will come out in the upcoming months.

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