Governor Tom Corbett suing the NCAA is Ludicrous

The Governor of Pennsylvania recently initiated a lawsuit against the NCAA on behalf of the fines levied against Penn State for its role in covering up the actions of child predator Jerry Sandusky.  Governor Corbett was part of the Board of Trustees that accepted the sanctions when they were levied.  The crimes perpetrated by Jerry Sandusky were so heinous that Penn State was lucky the football program wasn't shut down for at least a season or two.  They will miss Bowl games for three more years after this one and have a limit on scholarships.  Otherwise, fora program that generates $50 million a year between television, gate and parking, PSU will survive.

The Second Mile Charity was funded by Jerry Sandusky in 1977 to supposedly help children with less than ideal upbringings a safe place to experience their childhood years.  I know charity wouldn't have been as successful if not for the support of Penn State alumni and its network.  In fact, it was going to liquidate and send most of its assets to a charity in Texas but the pending lawsuits halted this process. 

The current Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, launched an investigation into the handling of the allegations against Jerry Sandusky while Corbett was Attorney General.  A number of parents had noticed their children's behavior changing after being alone with Jerry Sandusky.  One parent of a child who Jerry had tried to take out of his school for alone time told the school and they told her that Jerry was a highly respected former football coach.  The police were informed but they did not arrest Jerry Sandusky.  Before he was indicted, he had inflicted harm on a number of young men.  When he was finally arrested, he had on a Penn State sweatsuit and was wearing it proudly.

Governor Corbett's supposed intention is to address the fact that the NCAA piled on Penn State.  He never made any mention about the victims of child abuse in the case.  He feels that the NCAA was harsh and stepped into an area in which they had no jurisdiction.  Maybe Governor Corbett forgot that the iconic coach Joe Paterno lost his job as a result of the scandal and all of his victories after the first allegations surfaced in 1989.  Maybe Governor Corbett should be asking about why the Paterno family still has access to the Penn State corporate jet and lifetime access to a suite at Beaver Stadium.

Penn State made its first payment of $15,000,000.00 to the NCAA this year.  The football team, of which I am a fan, played admirably even though there were no bowl games to be invited to.  The year went pretty fast and most of the players who transferred sat home during Bowl time also.  The football program generates $50,000,000.00 a year from ticket sales and parking.  One can only assume that paraphernalia sales generate additional funds.  With that fact that Penn State receives research grants and has not lost any interest from potential students, the University will survive.

One of my concerns as a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is whose money will be utilized to fund the lawsuit.  Governor Corbett did not initiate this process as a private citizen.  We are in tight budgetary times and sing the NCAA after being part of the Board decision to accept the sanctions in baffling.  Governor Corbett seems ambivalent about running for re-election but this decision to sue the NCAA seems political to me.  The victims of Jerry Sandusky's terrible actions, covered up by the powers that were at Penn State, warranted the sanctions.  One child abused is too many.

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