Happy New Years

I enjoyed New Years Eve 2012.  We went to dinner and the casino.  I lost about $30.00 but got four free drinks while doing so.  We wanted to wait for the fire works but headed back to South Philly before they began.  We were going to stop by the Wallace Party but decided to head in.  The perils of approaching 50 called me home :-).  I have experienced some major year end events and I felt much better this morning after not seeing the sun come up.  We had chicken and waffles for breakfast and dinner is in the oven.  It is calm and collected in the Bell household.

My wish for this year is that State Representative Jordan Harris has an excellent year in terms of learning the ins and outs of the State house.  I wish Kenyatta Johnson continued success in his first term in City Council.  I want the 36th Ward to become more active.  I also wish that the economy will continue to improve and that small businesses will grow to historic heights.  I know we will not avoid natural disasters but that they won't be as harsh as Hurricane Sandy and any others affecting life and limb around the world.  I wish that recent college graduates can find the jobs that will help them to buy houses and sustain families.  I wish that young and old people alike will stop and think before they pull a trigger on a gun or assault rifle. 

Andy Reid has been fired after 14 years as coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  The divisional playoff games for the NFL will begin this weekend.  I remember that as Eagles fans, we used to have awesome football parties.  Everyone would bring dishes and drinks and we would have a ball/  Those days will come back around again I hope.  Now, it will not be so painful to watch as we were awful most of the year.  Good luck to the Redskins and Colts.  I have no other favorites as these teams battle it out for the Super Bowl ring.

I have made a few resolutions.  Yo necesito practicar mi Espanol mas.  I would like to take a course in IT.  I want to obtain part time work as a limousine driver.  I need health benefits.  I want to drink less and exercise more.  I will begin all of these tomorrow as I started day with a Mimosa and a cold Fosters.  I want to walk more and improve my golf swing.  I want to read twenty books this year.  I finished Silenced by Kia DuPree yesterday and I started Gun Games by Faye Kellerman today.  With no True Blood or Boardwalk empire on right now, I can finish a few more books rather quickly.

With God's Blessing, I will turn 50 this year.  1963 was a good year.  I was born and have claimed a space in this world.  I hope to leave a legacy of goodness and kind deeds.  It takes a lifetime to figure out your true purpose some times.  I have begun to realize mine while my journey continues.  I will laugh and hug more.  I will read about current events less and straighten out my home office.  I wish all of you success and Godspeed on the road to self actualization.   

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