Anthony Weiner: Public Service Might Not Be for You

The results of the primary for Mayor of New York city are in this morning.  It was a contentious process to replace current Mayor Bloomberg.  Bill DeBlasio won and avoided a run-off by capturing at least 40% of the votes cast.  A lightening rod in the race was the participation of former Congressman Anthony Weiner.  Anthony Weiner served seven terms in the House of Representatives for the 9th Congressional District in New York.  He was a fiery speaker who had established a track record of service.  His career in the House of Representatives was undone by a sexting scandal.

Sexting is a relatively new term that has been created by the Social Media revolution in this country.  Politicians used to have to rely solely on political advertising in newspapers, flyers or on television or radio.  In today's world, one can promote themselves via Facebook, Twitter, Vine or Vimeo.  YouTube is also utilized to extend the reach of local candidates.  The trouble began for Anthony Weiner when it was revealed that he had sent sexually explicit pictures of himself to a number of women that were not his wife.  At first, he indicated that someone had hacked his Twitter account.  He even went so far as to hire someone to investigate the so called hacking.  He resigned after a number of the pictures became public and it was he who had sent them.

It must have been a shock to his ambitions at the time.  Many people had mentioned that he had mayoral ambitions.  It was his human frailty that caused his political downfall.  For two years, it must have worked his nerves to know how much he had lost by succumbing to the lure to the Internet and social media.  His ego must have led him to believe that the lurid pictures he sent to women he might not have met would never surface.  I know that I have been married twenty-five years and I have never taken a picture of myself or of my wife in a compromising position.  I am not perfect.  I have also run for political office.  I felt sorry for Mr. Weiner at first but his mayoral run revealed further flaws in his character.

Sydney Leathers, if that is her real name, was able to capitalize on her fifteen minutes of fame at the expense of Anthony Weiner.  In spite of the embarrassment that the initial scandal caused his family, Mr. Weiner began his secret Twitter life as Carlos Danger according to published reports.  His fascination for sending pictures of his private parts caught up with him on the campaign trail.  Ms. Leathers felt the need to expose him as egotistical and lacking the morals to become mayor.  She even showed up at his concession speech but didn't get a hug or an acknowledgement from her sexting buddy.  It was sad that Mr. Weiner got into heated arguments with a Jewish deli owner, reporters and fellow candidates over his personal failings.  Running for office is not for everyone.

I am trying to figure out Anthony Weiner's next move.  He is 49 years old and has a number of working years left.  He flashed the finger at a reporter last night who dared to ask him about the reasons why he lost.  His wife, Huma Abiden, was with Hillary Clinton during his concession speech and was noticeably absent from the campaign trail.  His combative nature didn't seem to be a fit for what he will face had he won the primary.  I wish Mr. Weiner well as he decides what to do with the next phase of his life.  Elliot Spitzer, who had to resign as Governor, after a scandal involving prostitutes, also lost his race for City Controller yesterday.  The lure of public service is real.  One has to look inward before exposing one's who life to public view.  New Yorkers made smart choices yesterday.  Individuals who have had very public humiliations while in elective office should seek another line of work.

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