Elif Yavuz: Rest In Peace

 The massacre at the Westgate Mall in Kenya was horror beyond belief.  Where are Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham when you need them.  These action heroes are no match for soldiers that are willing to slaughter innocent people for a cause.  There were at least 69 people killed in the attack but at least one person stood out in my mind: Elif Yavuz.

Elif was an employee of the Clinton Foundation.  She was Harvard educated, married and eight months pregnant.  It was stated that the terrorists were letting people go that were of the Muslim faith.  Even if I was a cold-blooded killer, I would have let this woman leave the premises.  I guess it would have been a sign of weakness to do this and thus the tragedy of a life well lived cut short before her child could enter the world.  She had earned a Doctorate and was working as a vaccines researcher.  She had completed her dissertation research on malaria in Eastern Africa.


Doctor Yavus, in memory of the parent that you will never become, I salute you.  I salute your Family as they mourn your loss.  The father of your child was killed in the same tragedy and I hope you are all in Heaven together.  Rest in Peace.

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