Andrea Leigh Anderson: Rest In Peace

It was a whirlwind weekend for those of us in the community service field.  My organization collaborated on a Break Dance competition with the Southeast Philadelphia Collaborative.  It was so nice to see young people involved and competing with urgency.  I don't know who won the $150.00 grand prize but I will find out today.  Strategy breakfasts and service projects aside, I also attended the Homegoing service of Andrea Leigh Anderson.  It was held at Slater Funeral Home on 15th & Fitzwater Streets.

I am friends with three of Ms. Anderson daughters.  We grew up one small street apart.  They lived on Titan Street and my family grew up on Latona Street.  The turnout for the service would indicate that she was a woman that was beloved by her friends and community.  Cheryl Anderson is my age and I am sorry that I missed her big 5 - 0 celebration in December.  She is a great friend and now works for the City of Philadelphia.  Her Mother was a Beautiful woman and her offspring reflect that.  Cheryl is now known as Asmahan Luke.  Her other sisters Jamilah, Zenzi and Angela are all positive women!

Alonna danced at the Point Breeze Performing Center with Zenzi's daughter.  I played football with her husband Eric at Capitolo Playground.  We all partied at various locations from the West Indian Club to the all Night Disco while growing up.  I know the void is going to be a tough one to fill.  For Ms. Anderson's surviving siblings Cheryl, Dallas, Bernard and her 19 grand-children and 12 great-grandchildren, I wish you Godspeed as you heal from her loss.  Ms. Andrea Leigh Anderson: Rest in Peace.

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