Happy New Years 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed New Years Day 2014.  My little brothers, Mike and Skeeter Wallace and Tyrone Grier, coordinate a cookout during the Mummer's Parade.  For the last four years, they have organized what has become a mini South Philadelphia reunion.  Yesterday, at least 100 people showed up for free food and beer.  Gram Bell and Mike Wallace worked the grill.  Dennis Brooks prepared Black Eyed Peas and Collard Greens.  We meet in the parking lot of Saint Rita's church.  The school is soon to be demolished and we were reminiscing about our time there.

Murray Spencer bought Red Strip Beer and burgers.  Kevin Parks assisted with the set up of the tents.  I served rolls and bought bowls and utensils.  I also donated beer and made an additional beer run.  I was having so much fun that the actual Mummers Parade was an afterthought.  Kia Boggs-Pinkney and Susan
came back to the house afterwards for drinks.

The owner of Scotty's, Juanita Floyd, came down to hang out with us.  Sylvia and Chris Tabb came by also.  Larry and Lady Williams came by.  Shawn, Alonna and Mike participated also.  Mom Wallace did not make it this year.  She was represented by Michelle, Hound, Kevin, Denise, Reggie, Mike Mike Wallace, Trey, CJ, Danielle, Dana, Maya, Tia and the rest of the Wallace Clan.

I am posted up in this picture with Omar and Kevin.  Omar had spirits with him and it was a serious event.  I look forward to consistent blogging this year.  I look to expand my audience to include some international topics also.  Happy New Years and God Bless all of my Family and Friends!!  Go Eagles in the playoff game versus the Saints on Saturday.

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