Dance Journey Scholarship Cabaret: Here We Come!

While many people will be thinking about the upcoming tax deadline, I will be preparing to party with the Jay Clan this weekend.  There is nothing like a good cabaret.  BYOB and some chicken and salad.  We will be partying for a cause.  Dance Journey is a school led by my Aunt Denise Lewis.  The artistic bug flows through her and her daughters and nieces in a big way.  Aunt Nece danced with Philadanco and maybe Alvin Ailey.  It is a tough job running a dance school but she has her team rolling.

The non-profit world is a tough one to operate in.  You have to wear five hats at one time and good people willing to work for less.  Kia Boggs Pinkney is currently in charge of collecting funds for the school.  I didn't know she was a tough administrator but she has to be.  The one time I visited the school she was handling some business and Shavonn was teaching class.  Brandy Merritt was there in support and she teaches also.  I have talked with Kia about writing some grant applications to raise money for the future operating and production expenses. I will be sure to follow up on this.

Aunt Nece coordinated the dancers at my wedding.  Did I mention that it was Tammy and Tenille?  Her daughter and niece.  They are both grown now.  Tammy is the mother of a precocious athlete named Amaya.  Tenille is married and will probably be in attendance at the cabaret.  I don't think Amaya danced.  Sports has always been her forte.  Alonna danced for a number of years at the Point Breeze Performing Arts Center.  When the soccer bug hit, she gave up the leotards.  Dang it!!

Another reason to celebrate tomorrow is that it will be Mona Smith's birthday.  As we are getting older, I think it is more important than ever to celebrate milestones.  I don't know which one it will be for Mona but we will party.  Fried chicken, salad, deviled eggs, drinks and champagne are all on the menu.  I want a few Cosmos for old times sake.  Donnell, Deb, Freda, Tasha and Mike, little Mike and Nutty are all supposed to be in attendance.  It is supposed to be an awesome day on top of it all.

I heard that the cabaret will be an Oldie's theme.  No time to get an outfit from the 80's but I will be up for a great time with the Family.  I look forward to this time of the year.  Spring has arrived after a particularly tough winter.  We had the third snowiest winter on record.  I am not ready for intense heat yet but I will be ready to fire up the grill on Sunday.  Let's get this party started tomorrow to raise money for Dance Journey.  Next thing on the agenda is Donnell and Kia's Birthday!!

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