Game of Thrones: Goodbye King Joffrey!!!

I became hooked on Game of Thrones last year.  I watched the first two seasons in three days.  Blood, gore, mayhem and all kinds of intrigue.  Leave it to HBO to produce this series based on the books in a series called A Song of Ice and Fire.  Last nights episode was especially bloody.  A young lady was hunted and savagely eaten by dogs.  This was after she was shot through the leg by an arrow wielding young lady.  Theon Greyjoy is basically a servant now.  He lost his private parts last year to a very torturous Ramsey Snow.

King Joffrey has to be one of the most vile characters ever in a series.  He inherited the throne when his stepfather was killed by a boor.  He is really the son of his uncle.  This incestuous relationship may have caused some of the sadistic tendencies that Joffrey exhibits.  The one thing that I saw when his castle was being attacked last year is that Joffrey is really a punk.  When it came time to fight, he cowered and cried for his mother.

He is also a maniac.  He was supposed to marry Sansa Stark.  Sansa is a very pretty young lady who wanted to try to make the king happy.  He treated her and other women like mere objects.  He shot one working woman with a crossbow.  He chopped off the head of Robb Stark even after he admitted his so called wrong doing in a public square.  King Joffrey then made Sansa look at his head on a pole and also referenced his death in the wedding play that he directed.

I am wondering why he had to humiliate his uncle in such a manner.  Tyrion is one of the coolest characters on the show.  Hew was formerly a playboy who enjoyed his share of wine and women.  He still enjoys  the wine but in a marriage arranged by his father, he is now married to Sansa Stark.  Maybe Joffrey still wants to humiliate him because of this connection.  In this episode, he pours wine over his uncle's head, insults him repeatedly in front of guests and fails to get him to kneel while holding the cup.  There were so many other ways that he could have enjoyed himself at the wedding.  The rest of his family sat there while Tyrion was being unfairly picked upon.

As Joffrey was reveling in his evilness, he came under the grips of some sort of poison.  As I have now watched him die three times, I do not think Tyrion was to blame for his demise.  I actually wanted to see Joffrey meet his maker at the end of a sword or in battle.  Tyrion gave him a history book about the five kingdoms and he sliced it up with his sword.  He accepted all other gifts graciously.  He threw gold at the band and had guests throw oranges at one of the performers.  Joffrey began to choke grotesquely after eating some sort of pie.  He had just released some doves by slicing into his pie with his sword.  He died in his mother and father's arms.  I felt no sympathy.

I hope Tyrion, accused by his sister Cersei, without any evidence, doesn't have to lose his head for this death.  He already had to send his chick on the side away because his father was going to hang her.  I don't think that Margaery Tyrell, the bride to be, poisoned him but it seemed like Joffrey died after eating the pie.  He had not started choking after drinking the wine, which was in front of his mother no less.  I got my wish.  The king is dead.  I would now like Arya and Sansa Stark to meet again.  I won't hold my breath though.  Arya's family was killed when she was less than a mile from them during last season.  Goodbye and Good Riddance King Joffrey.

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