Prison Does Not Really Rehabilitate Its Residents

There was a horrific story on the news the other day.  A six year old boy was stabbed to death and a seven year old girl was critically wounded in the same incident.  The suspect who was captured is a twenty-seven year old man who had served prison stints over the previous years.  Daniel St. Hubert was released from jail nine days before he allegedly killed Prince Joshua Avitto and injured Mikayla Capers.  Many prisoners are denied bail for a number of reasons.  This man was released and should have been trying to get his life together.  I can imagine the shock of the parents and relatives of these young people trying to enjoy themselves in a sometimes cruel world.

He had to have been abused as a child or something.  What other motive would he have for attacking the most innocent of victims.  It was recounted that these two friends were on their way to Prince's house for ice cream.  It was a beautiful day and one that I am glad I lived through safely at that age.  I guess this individual had a probation officer and should have been in a program if he was deemed dangerous to himself or others.  Prince Joshua Avitto's family will have to prepare for his funeral when they should have been planning which summer camp they should choose for the his time off of school.

The police in New York are also trying to solve the senseless slaying of eighteen year old Tanaya Grant-Copeland in the city two days earlier.  We sometime have to deal with the lingering effects of racism in our society.  Was it some warped sense of retaliation for Mr. St. Hubert to lash out and murder his own people?
The time that he spent in prison did nothing to prepare him for life on the streets of New York City.  Did our social service system or educational system fail him.  I wonder what his upbringing was like.

Philadelphia has benefited from a program called Focused Deterrence.  The program was designed by the District Attorney's office in order to deter 'shooters' from committing violent acts again.  They developed alternatives to picking up a gun to end a conflict or expected argument.  2013 saw the lowest number of shootings on record in a number of years.  There have to be some alternatives for these release returning citizens to help them to stay out of jail.  Recidivism reared its ugly head in New York in a big way.

Technology has changed our job market in a big way.  Most applications have to be completed on line.  I don't know if most inmates have access to computers while completing their sentences.  I wish any returning citizen luck as they try to piece together their lives after serving time.  Most young people, regardless of gender, make a hard bed for themselves when committing felonies.  In spite of the best efforts of many, it is a daunting task to be able to provide for children or spouses with a record.  In the case of Daniel St. Hubert, the system failed and he snatched the life of one young man and possibly others during his crime spree.

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