Spartacus: The Gladiator, Ben Kane: An Awesome Novel

I have been neglectful of my blog lately.  The World Cup Game is boring so I figured I would work on publishing more than five posts this month.  I am going through another period of unemployment.  Maybe it is just me but when I worked in affordable housing for 16 years, it was a career full of promotions and upward mobility.  As I prepare myself for the next job opportunity. reading and reflecting is a major source of hope for me.

I have always loved ancient history.  Egyptian and Roman ruins and the stories behind them are a source of inspiration.  When I first stumbled on this novel by Ben Kane I thought it was by the same author as Fire Waker by Ben Pastor.  Fire Waker was based on a person being raised from the dead during Roman times.  As I learned from reading this novel, Jupiter was a major Roman god as well as Mars.  The Christian faith and non-adherence to Roman gods was a cause for death.

In this novel, a priestess by the name of Ariadne was a direct source to the god Dionysius.  Spartacus also referred to the Great Rider as a source of protection on a number of occasions.  As the novel opened, Spartacus was on his way back to his village after being at war for almost eight years.  He was expecting to see his Father and relax for a few minutes before his next adventure.  He was Thracian by birth and had an enmity towards the Roman rulers.

I think he moved too fast in an over throw attempt against the man who killed his father.  He was captured and was being whipped at the stake when he was sold as a slave for the purpose of fighting in the Roman coliseum.  Gladiator was one of my favorite movies but the probability of death, in a gruesome fashion, was over fifty percent in this profession.  He developed an immediate hatred for the person who purchased him.  The gentleman, Phortis in the book, raped his wife and made Spartacus' life very miserable.  Spartacus also adopted a Roman citizen who had no other options after his father's house was repossessed by Marcus Licinius Crassus.  He was one of the richest men in Rome in this historically based novel.

I remember when Kirk Douglas played Spartacus in a movie from years ago.  There were other slave uprisings in history but this had to be one of the most sustained against the Roman Empire.  Hannibal is mentioned in the novel and there are various mentions of Nubians and Samnites.  There is a part tow to this novel as Spartacus has won every battle in this first take.  I loved the fact that he was able to unite various tribes and train slaves who had no other options.  He was an expectant Dad when the novel ended and I will  have to read part tow.  Going back to watch the World Cup.  Have a great day.        

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