World Cup Selection: Germany

The national anthems are being sung as I write.  I know the terrible history of the Germans and what they did to Jewish people under Adolph Hitler.  I also understand that it is a country that has been bitterly divided among East and West for many years.  The symbolic destruction of the Berlin Wall in 1989 reunited families that had been separated for years.  In spite of the history, the reason I will pull for Germany is that they were in the Group of Death with the United States, Ghana and Portugal to start out the World Cup.

Ghana beat the Germans and the German team dropped a 4 - 0 shellacking on Portugal.  We played Portugal and Ronaldo tough up until extra time.  We gained a point with the tie and helped our cause of advancing to the Round of 16.  There is no other historical basis for my choice.  Go Germany and we will wee you again in four years.  Sorry for the lack of success of Brazil as it fizzled out in the Championship Round.  Also, the U.S. benefitted from a German coach and five German American players.  Lionel Messi, do not mess up my pick!!

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